Sensor Telemetry System facilitates data collection.

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Wireless Link(TM) Series 500 provides real-time connectivity between sensors or transducers and instrumentation. Communicating over 915 or 868 MHz radio bands, products deliver digital wireless data acquisition links for up to 8 sensors up to 500 ft away. Transmitter ST-540 and companion receiver SR-540 can be used to measure real-time physical characteristics of diverse items. Able to take up to 17,000 samples/sec, they feature digital USB output.

Original Press Release:

Announcing the Series 500 Wireless Link(TM) Sensor Telemetry System

SRI PMD, Inc. Telemetry Provides Wireless Connections Between Sensors and Instrumentation

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA - August 15, 2005: SRI PMD, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of wireless sensor connectivity products, today announces the release of their latest product in the award winning Wireless Link(TM) Sensor Telemetry line. Since even the best sensor data is worthless if it can't be collected, Series 500 Wireless Link Sensor Telemetry Systems provide highly accurate real-time connectivity between sensors or transducers and instrumentation in applications where conventional wiring is difficult or impossible. Communicating over the 915 or 868 MHz license-free radio bands these units deliver high bandwidth, robust digital wireless data acquisition links for multiple sensors.

More flexible than simple shaft torque or low-bandwidth datalogging products the ST-540 Transmitter and companion SR-540 Receiver can be used to measure real-time physical characteristics of items as diverse as aircraft propellers, automotive brakes and clutches, turbines and generators, and bridges. The systems feature proportional voltage outputs up to +/-10 VDC as well as a digital USB output for direct logging or real-time processing of the measured data. Telemetry systems are available to support up to 8 sensor channels and provide excitation voltages where required. The miniaturized and ruggedized transmitter is sealed for use in hostile conditions.

The Wireless Link family of products is designed for test & measurement applications needing accurate, high bandwidth, real-time data for strain, torque, acceleration, pressure, temperature, force, and other measurements. Programmable channel gain and offset, RF level, data rate, and other parameters allow Series 500 systems to be used in a wide variety of applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Process Control, and other industries.

SRI PMD has also released an updated Wireless Link software package for use with Windows 95/98/2000/XP PCs. By providing data storage and retrieval as well as system setup and calibration functions operators may capture critical measurement data and perform detailed comparison and analysis of measurements. Drivers for common data analysis software applications are also available making the Wireless Link an integral component of a complete test platform.

Performance Specifications:

Number of Channels: Up to 8 active sensor channels per transmitter

Sample Rates: Up to 17,000 samples per second

Accuracy: +/- 0.1% Typical

Data Outputs: Digital (USB or RS-232) and Analog (up to +/- 10 VDC FS)

Wireless Communications Range: Up to 500 ft. line-of-sight

Operating Temperature: -30 to +85 deg C

RF Communications Band: 915 or 868 MHz license-free ISM

SRI-PMD WirelessLink products have been providing solutions to test, measurement and process applications since 1969. The Series 500 products are available from SRI-PMD and authorized representatives worldwide at prices beginning below US$ 4,000. Contact SRI-PMD at (321) 254-2580 or online at

About SRI-PMD:

SRI-PMD, Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing company located in Melbourne, Florida. Since 1969 SRI-PMD has provided high performance wireless sensor telemetry and data acquisition products and systems for test and measurement requirements in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Process industries worldwide. Their WirelessLink products are used for accurate real-time connectivity between sensors or transducers and instrumentation in applications where conventional wiring is difficult or impossible. SRI-PMD and related companies Summation Research, SRI Connector Gage, and SRI Hermetics are leading providers of communication products and services. Learn more about SRI-PMD at

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