Sensor provides process control from any location.

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Smarteye® X-PRO Model XPC is high-performance, photoelectric communication sensor that offers complete remote control from onboard HMI or from central plant control station. Allowing users to monitor and configure machines for local or plantwide automation, multidrop sensor features RS485 or RS232 communication and 5 onboard memory locations. It is addressable with 128 nodes without repeater and includes performance graph/scope and speed vs. resolution of 60, 125, or 450 µs.

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Multi-Drop Photoelectric Communication Sensor Provides Total Process Control From Any Location

TAMPA, FLORIDA: TRI-TRONICS COMPANY INC. has introduced a patented, high performance, photoelectric communication sensor that provides users with complete remote control...from an onboard HMI, or from a central plant control station. The new state-of-the-art SMARTEYE® X-PRO MODEL XPC was designed for applications where it is critical to monitor and configure machines for local or plant-wide automation. It is the ideal solution for companies that require multi-drop sensor feedback for overall process control in the packaging, material handling, food & beverage, automotive, entertainment & gaming, and pharmaceutical industries.


o RS485 or RS232 Communication

o Five Onboard Memory Locations

o Digital Changeover and Control

o Remote Sensor Monitoring

o Speed vs. Resolution Select...60us, 125us, 450us

o Sensor Performance Graph/Scope

o Addressable...128 Nodes without a Repeater

o Internal Digital Display...4096

o Choice of Red, White, or Infrared LED

o Aux IN/OUT

o Patent No. 6,950,778

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