Sensor continuously monitors oil through visual maintenance.

Press Release Summary:

Oil Sentinel consists of sensing element, mechanical interface that secures to oil reserve, and signal conditioning unit with LED. It installs directly in machine tool and industrial processing equipment and measures oil parameters including water contamination, oxidation, temperature, and level. LED displays condition of oil and can detect problems such as cooling system failures, leaks, and use of incompatible fluids.

Original Press Release:

Cincinnati Machine Partners with VSI to Develop Oil Sentinel for Continuous Monitoring of Oil Through Visual Maintenance

CINCINNATI, OH (September 13, 2002) -Cincinnati Machine has partnered with Voelker Sensors, Inc. (VSI) to develop the unique Oil Sentinel, a sensor that installs directly in machine tool and industrial processing equipment to continuously monitor oil through visual maintenance.

In addition to offering significant advantages to planned equipment maintenance, the Oil Sentinel provides preventive advantages, as well, to extend lubricant life and preserve the performance and longevity of equipment. Optimizing the oil monitoring process with Oil Sentinel is an effective means of automating the oil condition process and controlling service costs, warranty expenses, catastrophic events, disposal fees and
environment demands.

The sensor's continuous monitoring, with an easy-to-read LED that displays the condition of the oil, can detect problems such as cooling system failures, leaks and the use of incompatible fluids before they become catastrophic.

Using proprietary technology, Oil Sentinel eliminates the two-step process of sampling and lab analysis, and directly measures the four oil parameters critical to the maintenance of machine tool and processing equipment: water contamination, oxidation,
temperature and level.

The trip point for water contamination is triggered at levels above 0.06 percent by volume, depending on the saturated relative humidity of the oil. The trip point for oxidation is adjusted according to the composition of the oil and is correlated with TAN (total acid number) measurements at levels as low as 0.2 acid number.

The over-temperature detector compares oil temperatures in the reservoir relative to ambient temperature to prevent damaging equipment from excessive heat and the level indicator ensures proper lubrication by monitoring the supply of oil.

The Oil Sentinel uses a patented technique that employs a polymeric bead matrix -held between two conducting permeable surfaces -containing charged groups that serve as a conducting medium for measuring the solvent properties of oil.

The Oil Sentinel consists of a sensing element, a mechanical interface that secures to the oil reserve and a signal conditioning unit with the LED.

Cincinnati Machine is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of CNC machine tools, such as turning centers, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers/cells, 5-axis machining centers, universal machining centers, profilers, routers and composite processing equipment. Additionally, Cincinnati PLUS(SM) provides the most comprehensive package of service and support available in the industry today.

Voelker Sensors, Inc. is a sensor manufacturer headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. VSI develops and markets in-line fluid sensor systems that continuously monitor the integrity of the fluid. VSI systems measure water/soot contamination, additive depletion,
oxidation, temperature and level of lubricating oil for the industrial equipment, transportation, stationary refrigeration and transformer markets.

To find out more about all the ways the Oil Sentinel can reduce oil maintenance expenses and minimize machine downtime, call 1-877-CINMACH (246-6224), fax us at 513-752-9800 or visit our Web site at

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