Sensor Chip performs all measurement functions.

Press Release Summary:

SHT11 surface-mount chip, measuring 7.5 x 5 x 2.5 mm, contains all measurement functions, including capacitive humidity sensor, temperature sensor, calibration, analog-to-digital converter, and digital 2-wire interface to microprocessors. No external components are needed. It measures humidity in range of 0 to 100%RH with ±3%RH accuracy and temperatures of -40 to 120°C with ±0.5°C accuracy. Drift and stability are less than 1%RH/yr.

Original Press Release:

First Digital Humidity And Temperature Sensor Eliminates Costly Calibration And Conditioning

FAIRFIELD, CT: A new, fully-digital Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor - the SHT11 - has been introduced by Elan Technical Corporation. For the first time, all measurement functions (humidity sensor, temperature sensor, calibration, analog-to-digital converter, and digital interface) are incorporated on a single, small (7.5 x 5 x 2.5 mm) surface-mount chip that allows 2-wire interface to microprocessors without external components.

The SHT11 totally eliminates costly and elaborate calibration and signal conditioning generally associated with conventional relative humidity sensors. Features of the revolutionary sensor include: Complete Interchangeability without recalibration; No External Components; Capacitive Humidity Sensing (0% to 100%RH); Wide Temperature Range (-40° to 120° C); High Accuracy (±3%RH and ±0.5° C); Very Low Power (<0.5 mA); Two-Wire Digital Interface to Microcontroller; Fast Response Time (<4 sec.); Excellent Long-Term Drift and Stability (<1%RH/yr); and Complete Immunity to Condensation and Immersion. An additional benefit of the SHT11 is the accurate and point-precise determination of the dewpoint because the humidity and temperature sensors form a single unit, eliminating errors due to temperature gradients.

For more information about the amazing SMT11 Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor, please contact: Randolph C. Bush, Elan Technical Corporation, 35 Kings Highway East, Fairfield, CT 06432, 203 335 2115.

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