SEMATECH to Evaluate New Materials Using Bede X-ray Metrology System

DURHAM, UK - Bede X-ray Metrology, a leading global provider of X-ray metrology systems to the semiconductor industry, is pleased to announce that SEMATECH, Austin, TX, USA, the global semiconductor consortium and catalyst for accelerating the commercialization of technology innovations into manufacturing solutions, will use a Bede X-ray metrology system to evaluate novel semiconductor materials needed for the 45 and 32nm technology nodes and beyond.

The Bede X-ray metrology system will be used by SEMATECH researchers to investigate leading-edge front end materials including SiGe, metal gates and high-k dielectrics. More specifically, the system will assist metrologists in investigations into the phase and degree of crystallinity present in high-k dielectrics and metal electrodes, and the determination of the strain in SiGe films.

"Our evidence shows that the phase and crystallinity in high-k material have an impact on a device's electrical characteristics," said Dr. Alain Diebold, SEMATECH Senior
Fellow and metrology expert. "Using XRD allows us to fine-tune the process, and speed up high-k development. Currently, XRD is a leading technique for measuring strain and composition in SiGe."

Frank Hochstenbach, Director of Sales and Marketing, and responsible for customer partnerships, of Bede X-ray Metrology said, "I am delighted that SEMATECH, an organization which addresses critical challenges in advanced technology and manufacturing effectiveness on behalf of its worldwide membership of semiconductor manufacturers, is using our system to help to deliver new solutions and value to its customers and to the industry.

Bede systems are at the forefront of enabling technology for semiconductor manufacturing down to 32nm technology nodes. Due to its short wavelength, X-ray metrology offers increased analysis of material properties and parameters, including thickness, at atomic levels. However, unlike optical and opto-acoustic metrology, the system also measures strain, relaxation, phase, composition and density. This information is critical for the full characterization of materials which are being used today in the semiconductor industry."

About Bede X-ray Metrology
Bede is the global leader in non-destructive X-ray metrology systems for the semiconductor industry. Bede's product range includes the BedeMetrix(TM)-L process control system for research and development, and the BedeMetrix(TM)-F process control system for high volume semiconductor manufacturing. BedeMetrix(TM)-F applications include strained silicon process control (with the Microsource® X-ray generator and ScribeView(TM) small spot X-ray optics), ultra thin barrier metal process control and metal stack process control. BedeScan(TM) is an inspection system for surface, buried and bulk crystalline defects in patterned and blanket wafers, including those at the wafer edge which can lead to wafer breakage and problems with device yield.

Bede was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Durham, UK. The company has a sales and service office in Denver, Colorado (USA),as well as a global network of distributors, including Tokyo Electron (TEL) in Japan. Further information about Bede can be found on

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