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Self-Service Kiosk helps churches connect with attendees.

Press Release Summary:

Feb 04, 2014 - Available as standalone option or integrated with church management software, Self-Service Kiosk helps churches connect and engage with their audiences. Users can view list of groups they can sign up for, identify ministry needs for volunteers and sign up to serve, submit prayer request, and update personal data such as contact information and preferences. Using at-the-kiosk card swipes, attendees can make fund-specific contributions.

Elexio - Elizabethtown, PA

Original Press Release

Elexio's New Self-Service Kiosk Helps Churches Connect and Engage with Attendees

Press release date: Jan 28, 2014

ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. -- Elexio, provider of church software solutions, continues to help churches connect and engage with their audience with the launch of their Self-Service Kiosk.  Previewed in late 2013, this latest solution from Elexio allows church attendees to update their information, sign-up for small groups, submit prayer requests, volunteer, and make contributions.

While the Self-Service Kiosk is available in a standalone option, its integration with the rest of Elexio's church management software is its greatest attribute. With either option, standalone or integrated, the kiosk provides users with the ability to:

--  View a list of groups that they can sign up for.
--  Identify ministry needs for volunteers and sign up to serve.
--  Submit a prayer request.
--  Update personal data such as contact information and preferences.
--  Make a fund-specific contribution using at-the-kiosk card swipes.

"Today's generation of church attendees brings a different set of expectations with them," says John Connell, director of sales and marketing for Elexio. "Engagement through ministry involvement, service, and contributions takes on a completely new style. Elexio's Self-Service Kiosk meets these expectations and provides attendees with an opportunity to connect with the church where they feel most comfortable. It also reduces administrative tasks, freeing up more time for ministry."

The Self-Service Kiosk boasts an easy-to-navigate interface, is portable, and features a space-conscious design.  The kiosk itself costs $2,200 per unit.  The software cost is $30/month if purchased with Elexio's database solution, $50/month if purchased separately plus a one-time setup fee of $200.

About Elexio
Elexio offers the only church software that integrates church management, church website CMS (content management system), church website design, church check-in, and church mobile app into one web-based solution for PC/Mac. Elexio provides vital solutions and creative design for thousands of churches around the world to connect with their community, serve their congregation, and grow their ministries by reaching more people, effectively managing membership, and engaging their audience through better ministry experiences.  Learn more at or call toll free: 888-997-9947.

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