Self-Lubricating Bearings take place of sintered-bronze bushings.

Press Release Summary:

iglide® M250 bearings are based on thermoplastic alloy, and are offered in 16 material grades and over 6,000 sizes. They provide impact resistance, vibration dampening, wear resistance, and ability to absorb dirt ingression. Mix of solid lubricants provides self-lubricating effect during dry operation, while high crystalline level on surface increases wear resistance. Bearings are suited for slow rotating, oscillating, and all linear motion.

Original Press Release:

iglide® M250 Self-Lubricating Bearings - Take Place of Sintered-Bronze Bushings

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI (August 12, 2002) - igus® inc. manufactures iglide® engineered polymer bearings in sixteen material grades and over 6,000 sizes available from stock. iglide® M250 self-lubricating bearings are ideally suited for low to medium load applications. Impact resistance and vibration dampening, wear resistance and the ability to absorb dirt ingression represent the primary advantages of this bearing type.

iglide® M250 is based on a thermoplastic alloy, modified for general load resistance and low wear. A mix of solid lubricants provides the self-lubricating effect during dry operation as well as a high crystalline level on the surface, thus increasing wear resistance substantially.

Available from stock in over 300 inch and metric sizes, iglide® M250 bearings are primarily used in the manufacture of agricultural, sports and leisure equipment, gardening tools, mountings for the construction industry, with furniture, boat manufacture, medical technology, machinery manufacture as well as packaging and textile machines.

Special Characteristics of iglide® M250

o Excellent vibration dampening characteristics, 250 times better than steel
o Impact resistant
o Excellent abrasion resistance
o Ability to withstand dirt ingression
o Maintenance-free dry operation due to solid lubricants
o Quiet operation
o Suited for slow rotating, oscillating and all linear motion
o Possibility of retrofitting other bearing types
o Cost effective
o Dimensionally interchangeable with most powdered metal bearings

For more information, catalogs, samples, and technical engineering support, contact igus®, inc., PO Box 14349, East Providence, RI 02914, (phone) 888-803-1895 or 401-438-2200, (fax) 401-438-7680, (e-mail), (Web site) igus® specializes in Energy Chain® cable carrier systems, Chainflex® continuous-flex cables and iglide® polymer bearing products.

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