Self-Containted Cellular Amplifier operates in 5 bands.

Press Release Summary:

SureCall® Force-5 is self-contained, 5 band cellular amplifier for Verizon and AT&T LTE, T-Mobile AWS, and dual-band for 2G/3G/4G. It is designed for organizations with between 20,000-100,000 sq ft requiring consistent cellular connection for voice and data. It features adjustable dB gain, automatic oscillation detection and shutdown to prevent interference with cell phone towers. Amplifier is carrier-neutral solution with 1 box supporting all major carriers on variety of standards.

Original Press Release:

Cellphone-Mate® Announces the SureCall® Force-5, the Wireless Industry's First Self-Contained 5-Band Amplifier for Increased Cellular Reception

FREMONT, Calif. -- Cellphone-Mate, (, a leading provider of cell phone amplifiers and accessories, today announced the introduction of the SureCall Force-5. This amplifier is the first self-contained, 5-band cellular amplifier on the market offering cell amplification bands for Verizon and AT&T LTE, T-Mobile AWS, and dual-band for 2G/3G/4G, and provides the highest-integrated cellular amplifier ever introduced. Combining emergent technology with lowered costs, the patent-pending Force-5 is the culmination of Cellphone-Mate's first-to-market, economic innovations of LTE and HSPA+ amplifiers for each carrier, excluding Nextel and WiMax, and their recent linear 80dB amplifier introduction for enterprise solutions.

"With the introduction of the SureCall® Force-5, Cellphone-Mate continues its commitment to providing innovative, cost-effective solutions in cellular amplification," stated Hongtao Zhan, President and CEO of Cellphone-Mate. "While there are other solutions on the market that offer more in terms of customization, the associated costs are often far beyond the budgetary scope of most large and small size businesses. We are the first to offer wireless system integrators, installers and their customers with a cost-effective, enterprise-grade solution that delivers improved, uninterrupted voice and data coverage from 2G through 4G at one fifth the cost of comparable models."

The SureCall® Force-5 is scheduled to be FCC approved and is designed to meet the needs of mid-to-large size organizations between 20,000-100,000 square feet requiring an improved and consistent cellular connection for 2G/3G/4G voice and data. The Force-5 is a carrier-neutral solution with one box universally supporting all major carriers on a variety of standards, except IDEN and WiMax for Sprint.

The SureCall® Force-5 presents a plug and play design allowing for seamless integration into existing networks and features adjustable dB gain, automatic oscillation detection and shutdown to prevent interference with cell phone towers. Additionally, Its linear design with compartmentalized architecture work together to create a more durable products giving much clearer signal that can be used for up to 100 simultaneous users without interference between users and the various carriers the amplifier supports.

The introduction coincides with the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) Enterprise and Applications event, emphasizing the expanded need for mobile cellular technology in businesses, occurring in New Orleans, LA May 7-10, 2012. The SureCall® Force-5 can be seen at Cellphone-Mate's booth, #5401, during the show.

Availability and Pricing

The SureCall® Force-5 is available now for ordering and shipping from its network of authorized resellers and distributors and retails for $2,990.00 Like all of Cellphone-Mate products, the SureCall® Force-5 amplifier is covered by the company's industry exclusive two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Complimentary Product Offerings

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About Cellphone-Mate Incorporated

Cellphone-Mate Inc. - the innovation leader in cellular amplifier technology - specializes in design and manufacturing of cell phone signal amplifiers and accessories. These amplifier systems provide coverage where there is none, and dramatically improve cell phone communications for businesses, homes and mobile settings in general. The SureCall flagship product line of FCC-approved amplifiers boosts the range and reception of almost any cellular call and/or data. Founded in 2001 and based in the Silicon Valley, Cellphone-Mate is an industry leader with multiple patents pending on their superior signal amplifier technology. The company continues to develop innovative new products that address the changing needs of all types of cellular and mobile broadband users. For more information, visit

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