Self-Contained Photoelectric Sensor has 40 m max range.

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Offering response speeds to 500 µsec, PZ-G Series includes thrubeam, reflective, and retro-reflective sensing models that feature M8 and M12 threaded quick-connects with standard pin-out. Setup and beam alignment system consists of front panel LED alignment indicator, which illuminates when transmitter beam is perfectly aligned with receiver. To facilitate installation, one-touch mounting bracket only requires user to insert sensor body and push down on sliding holder until it clicks.

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Self-Contained, Threaded, High-Power Photoelectric Sensor...Up to 40-Meter Range

Keyence Corporation of America, Woodcliff Lake, NJ, a world leader in the manufacture of ultra-compact, high-performance sensors, announces the new PZ-G Series of revolutionary, self-contained, threaded, high-power photoelectric sensors. PZ-G Sensors provide longer detection distances of up to 40 meters, higher response speeds and easier installation than conventional models. Combined with an industry-first setup and beam alignment system, the new PZ-G Series is complemented by a unique, one-touch mounting system that slashes installation time and costs.

The PZ-G features standard M8 and M12 threaded quick-connects with a standard pin-out for fast, easy sensor interchangeability. The high-power and long range of PZ-G Sensors, combined with response speeds of up to 500 µsec., provide the type of performance demanded for reliable, stable detection in high-speed production and assembly-line applications.

The new PZ-G is the industry's first photoelectric sensor to make installation, setup and alignment easier than ever before. It eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty of long distance sensor beam setup. The PZ-G incorporates a unique, front panel LED alignment indicator that illuminates brightly when the transmitter beam is perfectly aligned with the receiver. Perfect sensor beam alignment is instantly confirmed. The alignment LED is a useful maintenance and trouble shooting feature as well.

Mounting the PZ-G sensor is easy too! A newly designed one-touch mounting bracket eliminates the need for mounting screws and saves time. The user simply inserts the sensor body into the bracket and pushes down on a sliding sensor holder until it clicks to firmly mount the sensor. 19 types of mounting brackets, including the one-touch model, are available for a wide range of mounting requirements.

The versatile PZ-G Series model lineup includes 3 sensing styles: thrubeam, reflective and retro-reflective, to meet all application needs. The PZ-G52 high-power thrubeam type has 4 times the detecting distance with 2 times the response speed of other models. Model PZ-G51, a 4-element red LED type thrubeam, offers a 30 meter detecting distance with twice the response speed of conventional models. The PZ reflective type includes 3 models and the retro-reflective type includes the PZ-G61, a 4.2 meter range sensor.

Interference suppression prevents interference from nearby sensor units. Bipolar PNP + NPN outputs are compatible with any input device. A P.R.O (Polarized Reflection Optics) function in the retro-reflective model eliminates reflections from metallic or mirror-surfaced targets enabling reliable detection of metallic targets. Additionally, the PZ-G includes a patented DEX (Difference EXpansion) function that amplifies light attenuation caused by transparent targets, thus guaranteeing stable detection. For PZ-G Sensor details, specs and applications, click here:

For further information, contact Phil Melore, Engineering Manager, Keyence Corporation of America, 50 Tice Boulevard, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677. Tel: 888-539-3623 ext 70703, Fax: 201-930-1883 Email:

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