Self-Cleaning Screen Changer Filters High Contaminant Loadings from Plastics Scrap without Interrupting Extrusion

System from Italian Firm Fimic, Now Offered in North America by ADG Solutions, Enables Recyclers to Continuously Process Material with up to 3% Paper or Cardboard Content

FAIRFIELD, CT, U.S.A.: A patented continuous screen changer with a 20-year track record in overseas installations makes it possible to reprocess highly contaminated plastics scrap without the extruder downtime or constant operator intervention that conventional systems require for cleaning away buildup from the filter screen, it was announced today by ADG Solutions.

The company is now the exclusive North American importer of the screen changer, which was developed by the Italian firm Fimic Officine Meccaniche SAS. While only a few units of the system had been purchased directly from Fimic by U.S. recyclers, ADG has already shipped five more and has several on order, according to Sandy Guthrie, president. One new user, ABC Polymers, Inc. has agreed to let prospective customers of ADG visit its facility in Stone Mountain, GA for inspection and possible demonstration of the system.

"The Fimic screen changer can handle scrap containing up to 3% loadings of paper, labels, or cardboard without a slowdown or stoppage of the process, and even contaminants close to an inch in diameter do not pose a problem," said Guthrie. "The self-cleaning action is very efficient, with purgings averaging less than 2.5 lb. per cleaning cycle and minimal discharge of good material along with contaminants."

The self-cleaning cycles are subject to automatic PLC control. In each cycle, as molten polymer enters the screen changer, contaminant accumulates on the screen plate, which is a stainless steel component drilled to the equivalent of a 40-mesh screen. The buildup continues until back pressure reaches a preset level. This actuates a rotating blade which sweeps the screen and purges the contaminant through a central discharge port.

Alternatively, cleaning can be actuated automatically according to a pre-set timer, or manually at the push of a button.

Besides paper, the system can handle other contaminants, such as metal foil, wood, textile fibers, and un-melted plastic. Four models are available, with screen diameters from 12.5 to 25 inches and throughput capabilities from 1,200 to 6,000 lb./hr. Replacement screens and blades are readily available. Working life of a screen is typically two weeks.

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