Self-Cleaning Filter operates continuously.

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Mechanically cleaned Model MCF utilizes magnetically coupled drive technology that moves 4-way, spring-loaded cleaning disc without need for external shaft or drive seals. Disc travels up and down inside filter media, removing collected contaminants. By utilizing cleanable, permanent media, downtime and filter disposal are eliminated. Filter is suited for highly viscous liquids such as paints, adhesives, resins, inks, and other similar materials.

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New Magnetically-Coupled Self-Cleaning Filter

MCF filter from RPA Process Technologies eliminates external shaft and drive seals, requires less maintenance, and has a simple design with very few wear parts.

Manufacturers who use liquid filters can now save as much as 30 minutes of labor - per changeout - with a new, easy-access, low maintenance filter design from RPA Process Technologies. The MCF, RPA's next generation mechanically-cleaned filter, utilizes an innovative, magnetically coupled drive technology that moves the cleaning disc without the need for external shaft or drive seals. By incorporating a design with no external seals, maintenance costs are reduced and there is no possibility of leakage.

The MCF's simplified filter design also means there are very few wear parts, resulting in less routine maintenance and smaller spare parts inventory. When the MCF does require maintenance, its easy-access design makes service quick and simple. MCF paint and coating filters are ideal for highly viscous liquids such as paint, adhesives, resins, inks or other similar materials - as well as applications that require high filter media cleaning frequency.

MCF mechanically-cleaned filters address filtration challenges that include environmental concerns, retaining valuable product normally lost by media changeout, and demand for greater operator safety. By utilizing a cleanable, permanent media, downtime and filter disposal requirements are eliminated. The MCF filters operate continuously - even during cleaning cycles.

When utilizing the MCF Filter, filtrate flows from the top down and from the inside of the media toward the outside to increase retention of contaminants. The patented design uses a four-way spring-loaded cleaning disc that travels up and down inside the filter media - removing collected contaminants. The cleaning disc continually drives undesirable solids downward, where they are concentrated in the purging chamber for easy elimination.

A hollow shaft at the center of the system contains a piston with powerful rare earth magnets. These internal magnets are coupled to external magnets housed in a carrier connected to the cleaning disc. Pneumatic actuation moves the inner magnet up and down the shaft, with the cleaning disc following. The result is powerful actuation, without the need for a physical linkage passing through the vessel.

RPA Process Technologies, formerly Ronningen-Petter, manufactures industrial liquid filtration. For more information about the new MCF filter, visit, contact RPA Process Technologies, 9151 Shaver Road, Portage, MI 49024, call 800-656-3344, or e-mail

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