Selero Demonstrates Smart Order Routing and Best Execution Trading

DENVER, June 18 - Selero, Inc., a leading provider of trade execution systems, will demonstrate Smart Order Routing and Best Execution Trading (SORBET) at the SIFMA Technology Management Conference in New York City this week (June 19-21). In the demonstration, Selero Smart Order Routing (SOR) performs and monitors multiple market sweep strategies using orders processed by Selero Trade Execution (STX).

In particular, Selero will show several of the over 20 inter-market sweep strategies it can execute as well as the interface used to configure sweep interval, timeframe, and termination options. It will also show the system's monitoring interface used to view and manage trade execution through order status, sweep details, latency by market center, fill rate by market center, alerts, automated re-routing, manual troubleshooting, etc. The STX portion of the demonstration will show the trader-controlled, pre-built functionality it offers market makers and internalization traders for delivering best execution to customers while maximizing trader productivity and profitability. The demonstration will run out of a Selero production data center, and both systems will use live market data to process orders.

"Selero's SORBET solutions allow traders and exchanges to optimize order routing and execution based on real-time market dynamics," said Fred Horn, CEO of Selero. "With the many unknowns of Reg NMS ahead, the ability to adjust course based on real-world experience will be particularly critical to effective trading."

The demo is being presented in the Selero booth at the conference. Booth #1508 is on Exhibit Level 1.

About Selero, Inc.
Selero provides high-speed trade execution across the equities trading supply chain. The Company's offerings include trading systems for market makers and internalization traders, Reg NMS smart order routing, execution management, an order routing network, operations solutions, and application- on-demand functionality. In addition, the Company is affiliated with Nunami Services, LLC, Member NASD. Selero's solutions are designed to be fast to implement, fast to operate, and fast to change in response to real-time market dynamics, while also delivering best execution. Its customers include asset managers, broker dealers, exchanges, ECNs, ATSs, dark pools, and regulators. To learn more about the Company visit Asset managers, broker dealers, exchanges, ECNs, ATSs, dark pools, and regulators.

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