Select International Creates "Alternate Candidate Identifier" for Clients that Conduct E-Recruiting

Proactive Solution Protects Against Identity Theft,
Pre-empts Possible Legislative Mandate

Pittsburgh, April 4, 2007 - Pittsburgh-based Select International, a global provider of human resource assessment solutions, has developed a proactive solution for its clients that conduct e-recruiting to ensure they are protecting the identities of candidates that apply for jobs online.

"Across the globe, studies show that more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies conduct recruitment and applicant tracking online," said Kevin Klinvex, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of Select International. "In this constantly evolving electronic age, employers are quickly realizing that they must take added steps to safeguard people's personal information. At Select International, we are ensuring that our clients are taking the appropriate precautions."

Select International's creation of an "Alternate Candidate Identifier" anticipates that employers will face increased legislation governing the electronic storage of social security numbers in the coming years. Select International's system creates a 14-digit "Alternate Candidate Identifier" that does not incorporate the candidate's social security number. This "Alternate Candidate Identifier" is then used to track applicants as they move through the various stages of recruitment - from application to testing and assessment.

"We believe this unique solution enables our clients to comply with possible federal guidelines in this arena even before those requirements have been created or enforced," noted Klinvex. "Moreover, when we were developing the 'Alternate Candidate Identifier,' we specifically chose not to utilize applicants' birth years so that their identities are further protected throughout the application process."

Since August 2006, Select International has been deploying the "Alternate Candidate Identifier" system with each new client that utilizes its customized e-recruiting and applicant tracking systems. Throughout 2007, Select will be assisting current clients in making the transition from the former system to the one that relies upon the "Alternate Candidate Identifier."

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