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Security System detects tampering on PLCs.

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Security System detects tampering on PLCs.

Jun 26, 2014 - Designed to detect malware and other threats on S7 controllers, mbSECBOX will immediately alert operator when threat is found, before damage occurs. Complete program memory, order number, and serial number from PLC are read and stored in memory. Based on reference data, device continuously monitors static memory area of controllers. Program blocks are read in user-specified interval and compared with reference backup. When changes are executed to program data, operator will be informed.


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Reliable Tampering Detection of S7 Controller

Press release date: Jun 17, 2014

The mbSECBOX detects viruses and malware similar to STUXNET S7 PLCs and informs the operator before any damage occurs

(Germany, Ilsfeld) MB Connect Line presents the mbSECBOX as a new security solution for PLC controllers. This device detects malware similar to STUXNET and other possible threats on the S7 Controllers. After a threat is found the mbSECBOX will immediately alert the operator before any damage occurs. Unfortunately, most S7 PLCs offer no safeguards against the intrusion of viruses and malware.

Traditional types of virus scanners with pattern recognition do not protect controller appliances from potential threats. The mbSECBOX therefore operates on the principle of a positive list. The first step is to create a so-called "reference backup".

The complete program memory (OB, FC, FB , DB, SFC , SFB, SDB) , the order number and the serial number from the PLC are read and stored in memory. Based on the reference data, the device continuously monitors the static memory area of S7-300 and S7-400 controllers. The program blocks are read in a user-specified interval and compared with the reference backup. When changes are executed to the program data, the system operator will be informed via an email or text messaging or a warning light or siren can be triggered from an output interface.

Manipulation by malware and viruses are recognized as unauthorized changes to the controllers program, the "times were carried out shortly" on the night shift. The connection to the controller is established via the MPI-/Profibus or Ethernet. For security reasons, the device is not accessible over the company network of the internet.

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MB Connect Line GmbH offers universal solutions for global remote maintenance of machines and equipment. The company was founded in 1997 by Werner Belle and Siegfried Müller with a proud beginning of the clause "Made in Germany". The headquarters and sales department are located in Ilsfeld, Germany and the development staff and production department are in Dinkelsbühl, Germany.

Our industrial routers mbNET are already in its second generation on the market. They are equipped with an integrated 4-port switch. S7 controllers can be connected directly via the MPI/PROFIBUS interface. In addition, more than 90 different drivers are available for serial access to controls, control panels, frequency inverters and drives from various manufacturers.

The mbSPIDER is a programmable data modem with alarm functions and web visualization system. It is used to record data and monitor systems and machines.

The mbConnect24 remote portal is an intelligent system with integrated user and asset management. In case of a failure, the service specialist logs in to the portal and then has access to specific machinery as defined by the system administrator. The connection is as simple as a few mouse clicks. The transfer of the data is via a secure VPN connection based on the OpenVPN security protocol.

The mymbConnect24 server is a hardware version of the mbConnect24 server and it is available for mechanical engineers or plant operators who desire to own an individual physical service portal within their corporate network. These physical servers take over the entire management of the connection as the backbone of the service center.

With the mbEAGLE MB Connect Line presents a world novelty for the direct detection of viruses and malware like Stuxnet on S7 PLCs. The unique solution will be presented at the SPS IPC DRIVES 2013 in Nuremberg for the first time.

MB Connect Line specialists can draw on many years of experience and extensive "Know-How". Whether for packing machines, production lines, solar power plants, a printing press or biogas plant - MB Connect Line has the suitable remote maintenance solution.