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Part of Centrify Suite 2010, DirectManage(TM) centralizes discovery, management, and user administration of UNIX and Linux systems through integration into Active Directory-based tools and processes. Administrators can determine readiness of UNIX or Linux system to join Active Directory; migrate existing accounts and access rights into Active Directory; and centralize monitoring and auditing of user-level activity. Zone Provisioning Agent automates provisioning of user profiles into Centrify Zones.

Original Press Release:

Centrify Delivers DirectManage to Streamline the Discovery, Management, and Administration of UNIX and Linux Systems and Users

SUNNYVALE, Calif., -- Centrify Corporation, the leading provider of security and compliance solutions to secure cross-platform data centers using Microsoft® Active Directory®, today announced Centrify DirectManage(TM), a software solution that centralizes the discovery, management and user administration of UNIX and Linux systems through integration into Active Directory-based tools and processes. By having a centralized console to define and enforce security policies for a diverse environment of servers, hypervisors, applications and desktops, organizations can increase the overall security of the IT infrastructure by improving the ability of administrators to ensure uniform adherence to security best practices.

DirectManage, a core component of the Centrify Suite 2010 (for more information, see today's related press release, "Centrify Suite 2010 Expands Ability to Ensure Higher Levels of Trust, Control and Compliance in the Data Center"), integrates the Centrify Suite's existing management and reporting consoles with new capabilities to ease deployment, configuration and migration. Using DirectManage, IT administrators can easily automate and simplify key processes and tasks such as discovering UNIX and Linux systems, migrating accounts, provisioning zones and deploying software to systems.

"DirectManage is our new management platform that spans all of our product offerings and reflects our commitment to increasing security while reducing the overhead of administering it," said Frank Cabri, vice president of marketing and business development for Centrify. "By using a single, centralized utility to manage access control and security policies, organizations can get the best visibility and control over their critical systems."

DirectManage provides new control and automation capabilities for the most common tasks facing IT administrators integrating cross platform systems with Active Directory. With DirectManage, administrators can:

-- Determine the readiness of a UNIX or Linux system to join Active Directory

-- Simplify the deployment of Centrify security solutions to UNIX and Linux systems

-- Rapidly migrate existing accounts and access rights into Active Directory

-- Delegate the management of access rights, accounts, privileges and security policies

-- Centralize monitoring and auditing of user-level activity

The new DirectManage Deployment Manager discovers UNIX and Linux systems within the environment, determines their readiness to join Active Directory, and enables administrators to promptly deploy the Centrify Suite to the targeted systems, and join the systems to the Active Directory domain. DirectManage also includes the new Zone Provisioning Agent, which leverages Active Directory group membership to automate the provisioning of user profiles into Centrify Zones.

DirectManage is delivered as an integrated set of administration and management tools that combine the new Deployment Manager and Zone Provisioning Agent with these proven capabilities and utilities:

-- Migration Wizard - streamlines the integration of existing users and groups into AD

-- UNIX/Linux Account and Access Management - managing UNIX user and group accounts as well as system access via patent pending Zone technology through MMC, CLI and Web interfaces

-- Group Policy Management- define security policies for UNIX and Linux systems and users within AD group policy

-- Report Center - run pre-defined and customizable reports to gain detailed visibility over access rights, privileges and security policies

-- Audit Center - establish accountability for user activity and privileged account access through detailed auditing and reporting of historical activity and real-time monitoring of user sessions

Pricing and Availability

DirectManage is included in all Centrify Suite editions and is available immediately at no additional charge to current and new customers. Deployment Manager will be available in 90 days.

About Centrify Suite 2010

The Centrify Suite 2010 is an integrated family of Active Directory-based auditing, access control and identity management solutions that secure cross-platform environments of UNIX, Linux and Mac systems, workstations and applications. Other components of the Suite include Centrify DirectControl® which addresses the need to secure both physical and virtual environments by effectively turning a non-Microsoft system or hypervisor into an Active Directory client, enabling administrators to secure that system using the same authentication and Group Policy services currently deployed for their Windows systems, as well as adding granular access control through its patent-pending Zone technology. Centrify DirectAuthorize(TM) centrally manages and enforces role-based entitlements for fine-grained control of user access and privileges on UNIX and Linux systems as well as a wide range of hypervisors. Centrify DirectAudit(TM) delivers auditing, logging and real-time monitoring of user activity on non-Microsoft systems. Finally, Centrify DirectSecure (For more information, see today's related press release, "Centrify Delivers DirectSecure for Next-Generation Protection of Cross-Platform Systems." ) provides server protection and isolation and offers end-to-end encryption of data-in-motion. Built on a common architecture, the integrated Centrify Suite of solutions helps to improve IT efficiency, strengthen regulatory compliance initiatives, and centrally secure a heterogeneous computing environment.

About Centrify

Centrify enables organizations to reduce IT expenses, strengthen security and enhance compliance by centrally securing their cross-platform data centers through Active Directory-based identity and access management. By leveraging Active Directory, organizations have a cost-effective solution for authentication, access control, role-based privilege management, user-level auditing and server protection for heterogeneous systems, hypervisors and applications. Built on a common architecture, the seamlessly integrated Centrify Suite - DirectControl, DirectAuthorize, DirectAudit, DirectSecure and DirectManage - has been chosen by over 1,500 enterprise customers worldwide for its quick-to-deploy, easy-to-manage next-generation technology. For more information about Centrify and its solutions, call +1 (408) 542-7500 or visit

Centrify, DirectControl and DirectAudit are registered trademarks and DirectAuthorize, DirectSecure and DirectManage are trademarks of Centrify Corporation in the United States and other countries. Other names used in this document are trademarks of their respective companies.

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