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Security Software helps implement STIG-compliant environment.

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Jun 12, 2014 - Designed for DoD and government customers as well as organizations that support them, GoldDisk Plus™ STIG-hardened Windows 2008 R2 Amazon Machine Image implements .NET, IIS, and Internet Explorer, and has pre-installed DoD Certs and Microsoft EMET. ACAS/Nessus scans and completed DISA STIG Checklist are also included. With patent-pending technology, ConfigOS™ automates remediation of production servers using XML policy signature, cutting STIG policy update and testing process down to 5 min.

SteelCloud Inc. - Ashburn, VA

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SteelCloud STIG-compliant GoldDisk Plus Released for Amazon Web Services

Press release date: Jun 04, 2014

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 STIG-compliant AMI Available on AWS Marketplace

ASHBURN, Va. -- SteelCloud LLC announced today the availability of GoldDisk Plus(TM), its STIG-hardened Windows 2008 R2 Amazon Machine Image (AMI).  Customers can take advantage of the AWS Marketplace 1-Click deployment to implement a STIG-compliant environment in a matter of minutes and only pay for what they use.

GoldDisk Plus was designed by SteelCloud for DoD and government customers as well as those organizations that support them.  Besides implementing the latest Windows 2008 R2 DISA STIGs including .NET, IIS, and Internet Explorer, SteelCloud has pre-installed the DoD Certs and Microsoft EMET.  ACAS/Nessus scans and a completed DISA STIG Checklist are also included with the GoldDisk Plus AMI.

GoldDisk Plus goes well beyond providing a simply up-to-date STIG-complaint OS image.  The "plus" in GoldDisk Plus is ConfigOS(TM), SteelCloud's revolutionary tool for STIG policy remediation.  ConfigOS utilizes new patent-pending technology to automate the remediation of production servers using a simple XML policy signature.  The traditional multi-day STIG policy update and testing process now takes as little as 5 minutes - helping to reduce server security policy maintenance expenses by over 70%.  ConfigOS is included for every GoldDisk Plus customer on Amazon Web Services (AWS) at no additional charge.

"Over the last six years we have gained great insight in supplying easy to implement STIG-compliant images to DoD customers throughout the world," said Brian Hajost, SteelCloud President and CEO.  "The AWS Cloud presents a real opportunity for customers to enhance both implementation agility and cost reduction for a significant percentage of their IT requirements.  GoldDisk Plus accelerates the speed in which those customers having STIG obligations, can take advantage of AWS."

"We are excited that SteelCloud is bringing their innovative GoldDisk Plus solution to customers interested in maintaining STIG-compliance of their Operating Systems running in AWS.  Customers can now leverage GoldDisk Plus to deploy and remediate their OS," said Steven Spano, GM for Global Public Sector, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

GoldDisk Plus is available today on AWS Marketplace starting at just $49 per month.  To receive more information or to purchase go to the GoldDisk Plus offering on AWS Marketplace. 

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SteelCloud develops security compliance solutions for government customers and those technology providers that support the government.  Our products include "gold disks" for cloud and private infrastructures as well as automated policy and security remediation tools that reduce the complexity, effort, and expense of meeting government security mandates.  SteelCloud delivers security policy-compliant solutions to military components around the world which simplify implementation and ongoing support.  SteelCloud can be reached at (703) 674-5500.  Additional information is available at or by email at

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