Security Screening Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals have seen a recent resurgence in popularity especially in the organic and enhanced nutritional segments of the industry. An international manufacturer of nutritional cereals needed a compact in-line solution to security screen over-sized products larger than 9.5mm before they entered final packaging. The customer approached Quadro with three main requirements - capture all over-sized product in the screen basket, sift the material at a minimum capacity of 3600 kg/hr without causing damage to the finished product and be easily integrated into their existing plant vacuum transfer system.

To meet the needs of the manufacturer, Quadro introduced the Quadro® Sifter - a compact, in-line, high-capacity, vibration-free solution for today's efficiency-minded cereal manufacturers. In order to easily integrate the Quadro® Sifter into an existing vacuum transfer system, the unit was fitted with optional vacuum transfer components. These components allowed the Quadro® Sifter to be installed in-line without extensive or costly modifications.

The Quadro® Sifter was able to successfully security screen the cereal with a custom fabricated 9.5mm screen without causing damage to the product. The capacities achieved with the Quadro® Sifter exceeded 5000 kg/hr, surpassing the customer's requirements resulting in increased production.

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