Security Processor suits IP storage networking applications.

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Offering simultaneous support for multiple security protocols and encryption and authentication algorithms, FlowThrough(TM) HIPP III 4450 address all data-in-flight security requirements for IP storage protocols, including iSCSI, FCIP, iFCP, and NAS. It is designed for integration into iSCSI host bus adapters, target bus adapters, storage switches, and storage arrays. Integrated compression capabilities minimize time required for backup and mirroring.

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Hifn Presents Next-Generation FlowThrough(TM) Security Processor

New Security Processor Provides Uncompromising Performance and Protection for IP Storage

SAN DIEGO, STORAGE NETWORKING WORLD, April 4-- Network- and storage-security market leader Hifn(TM) (NASDAQ:HIFN), announced today its next-generation FlowThrough security processor designed for IP Storage Networking applications. The HIPP III 4450 offers uncompromising performance and simultaneous support for multiple security protocols and the latest encryption and authentication algorithms. The HIPP III 4450 addresses all of the "data in flight" security requirements for IP Storage protocols, including iSCSI, FCIP, iFCP and NAS. It is designed for integration into iSCSI host bus adapters (HBAs), target bus adapters (TBAs), storage switches and storage arrays.

The FlowThrough architecture accelerates the entire data path, and allows the 4450 to be interfaced as a "bump-in-the wire" adjacent to TCP Offload Engines (TOE's), Storage Processors or Gigabit Ethernet MACs. In addition to securing data across the network, the 4450, with its integrated compression capabilities, reduces the time required for backup or mirroring.

This newest member of the Hifn HIPP III family has IPv4 and IPv6 support and now offers full IPcomp LZS compression and MACsec processing in addition to IPsec, enhancing the value realized in a single-chip solution. Further, the 4450 incorporates the latest Ethernet and memory interfaces including SGMII, SerDes, RGMII, RTBI and DDR2 SDRAM.

"This new generation of FlowThrough security processor is a significant evolution of our innovative HIPP III product family," said Bob Doud, security product line director at Hifn. "And the addition of wire-speed IPcomp compression capability further increases the value of this solution to the OEM. Compression can eliminate the packet overhead associated with security protocols and also effectively increases throughput and reduces latency due to the reduction in traffic over the network."

MACsec SUPPORT -- The 4450 is the first security processor in the market to provide in-line support for the IEEE 802.1ae "MACsec" protocol. This is a new link-layer security protocol that enables endpoint authentication and protects Ethernet traffic over the LAN with encryption and integrity protection. While this capability is expected to eventually be incorporated into high-end Gigabit MAC devices, the 4450 allows MACsec capability to be added to any Gigabit Ethernet device.

SYSTEM INTEGRATION BENEFITS -- The 4450 minimizes external part count and allows glueless interfacing to a broad array of Ethernet PHYs and host MAC devices. The new Ethernet interface options include RMII, RTBI, GMII, TBI, SerDes, and SGMII. A single DDR2 ECC SDRAM interface allows running on-chip IKE as well as supporting large numbers of secure tunnels, reducing the board cost and real estate requirements.

SECURITY FEATURES -- The 4450 offers a rich suite of cryptographic algorithms, including: DES, 3DES, AES-CBC, AES-CTR, AES-CCM, AES-GCM, SHA-1, SHA-256, MD5, and AES-XCBC-MAC. An on-chip Public Key engine supports Diffie-Hellman, RSA and DSA operations at up to 8192-bit modulus size.

PERFORMANCE -- The 4450 supports two full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet ports and deliver 4 Gb/s simultaneous protocol processing for large packets and 1.2M packets per second for small packets. Up to 32,000 Security Associations (SAs) are supported with external DDR2 SDRAM.

Availability and Price
The HIPP III 4450 processor will be sampling to lead customers in the second quarter of 2006. The 4450 comes in a 19mm x 19mm, 324 BGA package and is priced at $84 in quantities of 10K.

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