Security Locknuts Proven to Resist Vibration and Locking Feature Fatigue

Mundelein, IL - January 26, 2007 - Known for its unique, high performance, elliptical spring steel insert locking technology that radially locks onto a mating bolt or shaft, Security Locknut Inc. has made available test result data substaintiating the company's claims to the product's remarkable resistance to vibration and fatigue. The Vibration test results utilize the same four (4) locknuts being tested under increasingly heavier vibration stress loads and not loosening nor showing any signs of locking feature fatique. The Fatigue test results demonstrate a 50 On/Off test that clearly shows the product's exceptional ability to resist locking feature fatigue allowing it to be reused multiple times with first time use confidence. Security Locknut Inc. has made these test results available on its website as well as direct from the company.

The Security Locknut is easy to use requiring no special tools for installation/removal. It has found application in mining, material processing, rail car and railroad trackwork, off-road/heavy vehicle and equipment, amusement rides, construction, presses, turbines, and cylinders...applications where shock, vibration, stress, or environmental conditions cause fastener failure or periodic maintenance requires reusability or safety.

Using the Security Locknut eliminates the need for traditional fastening systems such as double nuts, serrated fasteners, flex-type or distorted, pin and nylon insert locknuts that fail, or costly, unnecessary processes such as wire-tying or welding.

The Security Locknut product is heat-resistant to 750°F (395°C), offered in Coarse and Fine UNC/UNF threads and Metric pitch sizes compatible with Grade 5/Class 8.8 or Grade8/Class 10.9 bolts. American Standard, Heavy and Jam style nut patterns and customs are available.

For more information, literature and pricing, please contact: SECURITY LOCKNUT INC., 407 East Hawley St., Mundelein, IL 60060. Phone: 847-970-4050. Fax: 847-970-4059. Web: Email: Attention: Todd Beauchamp.

Security Locknut Inc. is ISO 9001:2000 Certified.

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