Security Appliances protect enterprise data from attacks.

Press Release Summary:

Vital Security Appliance Series NG-5000 and NJ-8000 are suited for enterprises with 251-20,000 users and 20,000-250,000 users, respectively. Backed with zero-virus infection policy, solutions integrate application-level behavior blocking, vulnerability Anti.dote(TM) immunization system, and anti-spyware technologies for anti-virus, URL filtering, and anti-spam engines.

Original Press Release:

Finjan Launches Its Next Generation Security Appliances for Enterprises Breaking a World Record in Internet Security

First Solution to Offer 'Zero-Virus Infection' Guarantee at a Security Level Never Seen Before

New Appliances:

- Vital Security Appliance Series NG-5000 for Internet Security: enterprises with 251-20,000 users

- Vital Security Appliance Series NG-8000 for Internet Security: enterprises with 20,000-250,000 users

Include the following security technologies:

- Next Generation of patented Application-Level Behavior Blocking against unknown attacks

- Revolutionary vulnerability immunization system - Vulnerability Anti.dote(TM)

- New real time Anti-Spyware solution for unknown and existing Spyware and Malware

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 21 -- Finjan Software, the leading provider of Internet security solutions for businesses of all sizes, today announces a major breakthrough for the security industry, with the release of a series of new Internet Security Appliances that provide unbeatable and total security. As a reflection of its confidence in the system's enhanced capabilities, Finjan announces a "Zero-Virus Infection - Guaranteed!" Policy.

The solutions comprise the Vital Security Appliance Series NG-5000 for enterprises of between 251-20,000 users, and the Vital Security Appliance Series NG-8000 for enterprises of 20,000-250,000 users including:

o Next Generation of Application-Level Behavior Blocking gateway scanners run a "real time code interpretation" providing the highest level of detection and blocking against new and unknown viruses, worms, Trojans and other malicious code.

o New Vulnerability Anti.dote technology immunizes corporate desktops from all published vulnerabilities before new viruses are created.

o New Anti-Spyware technology combats unknown and known Spyware and Malware.

o Policy based integration with a choice of best-of-breed Anti-Virus and URL Filtering solutions to deliver the most comprehensive Internet security on a single appliance.

Finjan will be demonstrating these revolutionary solutions at CeBIT 2005, in Hannover, Germany, from Thursday, 10 March 2005, at Finjan's booth: Hall 7, Booth B49. The solutions have been previewed and pre-examined by security professionals as well as "white hat" hackers who confirm that they provide the best security ever delivered for enterprises. The solutions integrate Finjan's unique Application-Level Behavior Blocking, Vulnerability Anti.dote and Anti-Spyware technologies for true day-zero defense with industry leading anti-virus, URL filtering and anti-spam engines.

"The launch of the Vital Security Appliance Series NG-5000 and NG-8000 is a significant step forward not only for Finjan, but for the security industry as a whole," said Shlomo Touboul, CEO and founder of Finjan Software. "We are so confident in the "security level never seen before" delivered by our new series of appliances that we are providing every customer with a "Zero-Virus Infection - Guaranteed" Policy. We guarantee that no virus will penetrate through the appliance. Our patented Next Generation Application-Level Behavior Blocking, our industry-first concept of an anti-vulnerability scanner (Vulnerability Anti.dote), dedicated Anti-Spyware scanner and traditional Anti-Virus engines from our OEM partners combine to create a new level of security that finally allows enterprises to use the Internet securely. The release of the next generation appliances reflects nine years of experience in leading and developing Application-Level Behavior Blocking technology. Finjan is now focused purely on appliance-based security solutions, and we look forward to fully demonstrating our revolutionary solutions at CeBIT 2005."

About Finjan

Finjan Software is the leading provider of proactive, behavior-based Internet security solutions, protecting more than 3 million users from both known and unknown attacks, globally. Finjan uses its Vital Security(TM) platform to determine actual code behavior and blocks any action that violates predefined security policy, thus surpasses the levels of defence typically offered by reactive anti-virus and intrusion detection solutions. This superior technology enables Finjan to protect users proactively by responding to existing, and more importantly, yet to be developed attacks the first time they strike. Analyst firm IDC recognizes Finjan as the leader in the worldwide malicious mobile code security market. For more about Finjan Software and its proactive protection solutions against threats driven by mobile malicious code, please visit:

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