SecPod Technologies Announces the Release of Beta Version of SCAP Repo

BANGALORE, India - SecPod Technologies announces the hosting of a beta version of the SCAP Repo [] that lets one search for and manage SCAP related content. SCAP is a suite of standards that enable automated vulnerability management, measurement, and policy compliance evaluation.

The SCAP Repo consolidates multiple repositories of SCAP [] content (CVE, CPE, CCE, CWE, OVAL, XCCDF) into one convenient repository. The information is searchable with a web based, natural language interface. Following are just a few examples of search queries:

Important threats, yesterday cve, vulnerabilities since jan 2012, microsoft bulletin content, cves with cvss greater than 9.3, adobe cves with cvss greater than 8, google chrome mac oval, oval for cve-2011-1234.

It is also possible to search based on: SCAP IDs (CVE, CCE, CPE, CWE, OVAL and XCCDF), reference ID's like BID, DSA, CESA, Fedora, RHSA.

Additionally, SCAP Repo exposes REST based interface ( to fetch the XML content, allowing information security product vendors, Government Risk and Compliance (GRC) vendors, solution providers and enterprises to easily integrate with the repository.

The SCAP Repo product [] can be used as an organizational content server that manages SCAP content relevant to a specific environment. And it can be used as a content subsystem for Continuous Monitoring solutions based on NIST IR 7799 [] and NIST IR
7756 [].

SecPod also offers an SCAP Content Professional Feed that provides broad and comprehensive content coverage on a subscription basis. The SecPod SCAP Feed is fully supported with continuous updates. The feed can be used with or independent from the SCAP Repo.

About SecPod Technologies

SecPod is an information security technology company offering security content as a service. SecPod is the first company to launch a commercial scale, subscription based SCAP Content Professional Feed and also the first company to conceptualize and productize a SCAP Content Repository.

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