Seco Tools Inc. Expands TURBO Square Shoulder Milling Family

New Cutters, Cassettes, and Geometries Now Available

Chicago, Ill., Sept. 6, 2006- Seco Tools Inc. today announced it has considerably expanded its TURBO square shoulder milling product offering to include Helical Nano and Helical Power Turbo cutters; Combimaster interchangeable heads with a Capto quick change adaptor option; adjustable cassettes and wiper inserts; and a new MD geometry all designed to increase your milling productivity.

Helical Nano and Power Turbo Increase Productivity
Seco Helical cutters offer the free cutting performance of TURBO with a four to five time increase in depth of cut capability. For your smallest applications, Helical Nano TURBO mills are offered as shank endmills and as arbor/shell mills in normal and close-pitch models.

Available in diameters as small as .50 inches. and as large as .75 inches. Helical Nano TURBO mills can handle depths of cut up to .83 in. in a wide variety of materials and operations.

The Helical Power TURBO is designed to take on your toughest materials and most demanding operations. Helical Power TURBO cutters are available in both cylindrical shank and arbor/shell configurations in diameters ranging from 1.5 to 4 in. with depth of cut capabilities up to 2.52 inches. Also available in normal and close pitch.

Interchangeable Heads Maximize Flexibility
For increased tooling flexibility in smaller applications using Nano and Micro Turbo (.75 to 1.5 inches), Seco offers Combimaster interchangeable heads, which feature through coolant holes for delivery right to the cutting edge. For live spindle machines, Capto adapters for Combimaster heads are available to further extend the flexibility of this tool system. Close and coarse pitch version cutters are also available.

MD Geometry Achieves Higher Metal Removal
More parts out the door at the end of the day is the name of the game and the new MD geometry is a major player. Designed for Super and Power TURBO, MD offers the industry's highest metal removal rate - up to twice that of competitive square-shoulder mills.

Adjustable Cassettes offer Economical Solution for Surface Finish
Seco's new adjustable cassettes and wiper inserts, available for Power and Super TURBO, offer better surface capability, which can be hard to achieve when using large diameter cutters on big workpieces. Large components need to be machined quickly in order to be profitable and TURBO makes the best use of your available power. Additionally, the cassette option offers an economical tooling solution -- should your cutter be damaged, you simply replace the cassette.

For more information on the numerous additions to the Seco TURBO family, contact
Seco Tools Inc.,
11177 East Eight Mile Road,
Warren, MI 48089
Phone: 800 832 8326

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