Sealing Machine handles deli containers from 6-32 oz.

Press Release Summary:

With machine dimensions of 11.8 x 16.2 x 23.5 in., SealMAX CTS-528XL handles deli containers from variety of manufacturers, including circular containers up to 4.75 x 6 in. and rectangular containers up to 4.75 x 4.75 x 6 in. Machine operates on 110 Vac and provides max production rate of 700 pieces/hr. In addition to deli items, SealMAX CTS-528XL delivers airtight seal for containers of salad, snacks, soups, fruit, and sauces.

Original Press Release:

James Dawson adds SealMAX(TM) CTS-528XL Deli Container Sealing Machine to its Packaging Solutions Offering

Plattsburgh, NY, - James Dawson Enterprises announces three new SealMAX machines to its packaging solutions offering. Deli containers remain one of the most popular packages around. Building off the reliability and features of the CTS-528 cup sealer, we've designed and slightly larger, "beefed up" version that is ideal for deli container from a number of different manufacturers. In many cases one machine can seal the full range of sizes (from 6 oz. to 32 oz.) with no adjustment at all. Deli containers are perfect for deli items (of course) but the possibilities are limitless. Salads, snacks, cotton candy, hot soups, fruit cups, sauces, salsas - if you can fit it in a deli container, the CTS-528XL can seal it airtight. The CTS-528XL can also be built to suit a variety of other small containers such as bowls or large drinking cups. TECHNICAL DATA
Machine dimensions: 11.8" x 16.2" x 23.5"H
Power requirements: 110V AC *
Weight: ~80 lbs.
Peak Power Consumption: ~ 430W
Max. Container dimensions: Circular: 4.75" x 6"H
Max. Container dimensions: Rectangular: 4.75" x 4.75" x 6"H
Maximum Production: 700 pieces/hr (optimal)

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