Sealer and Finish suit high-impact sports hardwood floors.

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Drying in as little as 2 hr, polyurethane Valsport WP-4.1 Fast Dry 350 Sanding Sealer is formulated to seal bare wood floors and produce optimum clear surface for finish coats. Valsport WP-8.1 Sports Floor 350 Finish is clear and ages to naturally golden amber while protecting wood. Both durable oil-modified urethanes have VOC levels of less than 350 g/L and can be used individually with compatible products or together as complete wood finishing system.

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Valspar Redefines Sports Flooring with New VOC Compliant, High Performance OMU Sealer and Finish

- Next generation of Valsport OMU products enhance strength and natural beauty of wood floors, with VOC levels comparable to water-based products - WHEELING, IL, January 10, 2008 -- Reinforcing its reputation as a pioneer in environmentally responsible, high performance flooring products, Valspar Flooring, a division of Valspar Corp. (NYSE: VAL), today introduced new Valsport WP-4.1 Sealer and WP-8.1 Finish - two eco-friendly yet extremely durable oil modified urethanes (OMU) for use on gymnasium and athletic wood floors. "Our chemists have reduced the VOC of each of these Valsport products by as much as 36 percent without sacrificing any of their superior performance or application characteristics," noted Lysa Young, Marketing Manager, Valspar Flooring. "With new WP-4.1 and WP-8.1, Valspar is making it easier for professional flooring contractors to go green with more formulations that meet the VOC levels stipulated in their region or specifically requested by a facility." Both WP-4.1 and WP-8.1 have VOC levels of < 350 g/L, meeting air quality mandates for all North American regions, except southern California counties under SCAQMD rule. Use of these products can also help contribute toward U.S Green Building Council's LEED sustainable building efforts. "Many wood coating manufacturers have turned to water-based formulations to achieve VOC compliance. The 'downside' to this approach is that water-based coatings are inherently color stable, meaning they won't age to the traditional warm amber that many customers appreciate and desire for their wood surfaces," explained Alex Mauritz, a chemist with Valspar. "What Valspar has done is effectively transfer all the characteristics of high- quality OMU coatings, including the amber glow and superior film hardness, into a new VOC compliant finish and sealer, with the added benefit of having the same odor associated with traditional oil-modified urethane gym floor finish that quickly dissipates instead of the pungent, lingering smell of chemicals like Oxsol relied heavily upon by many manufacturers." Valsport WP-4.1 and WP-8.1 can be used individually with compatible products or together as a complete wood finishing system. Valsport WP-4.1 Fast Dry 350 Sanding Sealer New Valsport WP-4.1 is a premium polyurethane sealer that dries in as little as two hours to reduce time between coats, while deeply penetrating into woods for unmatched hardness underfoot. Designed to securely seal bare wood floors and produce an optimum clear surface for finish coats, it is formulated for the extreme demands of heavy-traffic, high-impact sports hardwood floors. WP-4.1 is lab tested to pass standards for hardness, abrasion resistance, flexibility and maintenance, as well as resistance to stains, alcohol, perspiration and naphtha. Installers will appreciate the sealer's ease of application, low odor, and the convenience of its one- and five-gallon containers. Approximate coverage is 400-500 square feet per gallon on build coats, and 300-400 on bare wood. Valsport WP-8.1 Sports Floor 350 Finish New Valsport WP-8.1 combines environmental responsibility with industry-leading quality. In addition to its VOC compliance, this clear finish offers a better return on investment than water-based finishes with its far superior gloss, excellent rubber burn resistance, and overall better film hardness that extends floor life. By design, it ages naturally to golden amber, beautifying the wood as it protects it. Contractors can trust it to be reliable on the job and to enhance the visual effect of the gymnasium with consistent color and shine. WP-8.1 is available in one and five-gallon containers with approximate coverage of 400-500 square feet per gallon. For more information, please visit, or call (800) 637-7793 x5050. ABOUT VALSPAR With fiscal 2006 sales of nearly $3 billion, Valspar is a global leader in the paint and coatings industry, with a broad range of products including industrial, architectural, packaging, automotive refinish and floor coatings and specialty polymers and colorants. Valspar shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. For investor information, please visit Website: Valspar Flooring Product Inquiries Valspar Technical Sales email: phone: 847.520.8510 (x5050) VALSPAR FLOORING | 1191 South Wheeling Road | Wheeling | IL | 60090

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