Seal Inspection Tool is suited for pharmaceutical products.

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Multitasking x-ray inspection tool can detect several quality-control problems simultaneously and detects contaminants, monitors fill levels, and inspects seals for stray particles. Identifying particles down to 1 mm caught in seal areas, seal inspection tool runs at speeds of up to 120 m/min. By setting parameters and fine-tuning sensitivity, users can train product's x-ray inspection software to catch particle-compromised seals while eliminating false rejections.

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X-ray Inspection Systems Monitor Seal Integrity

Ensuring product safety and sterility

A new seal-inspection tool from METTLER TOLEDO Safeline brings speed and precision to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. It runs at speeds of up to 120 meters per minute and can identify particles down to 1 mm caught in the seal areas.

The safety of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products is easily compromised by stray particles of product or contaminants trapped within airtight seals. The trapped particles disrupt seal integrity. If the seals are no longer airtight, products can lose their sterility. But now this accurate x-ray tool has the power to raise consumer and manufacturer confidence in sterile and airtight packaging by spotting seals that contain product.

Multi-tasking x-ray inspection systems catch several product faults at once

Our seal-inspection tool forms part of our PowerChek and PowerChek Plus x-ray inspection systems. These multi-tasking inspection tools are the technological defenders of brand values. They catch several quality-control problems simultaneously. Typical problems include detecting contaminants, monitoring fill levels, and inspecting seals for stray particles. For example, on the UK production line at Advanced Medical Solutions, PowerChek checks paper- and foil-packaged sterile wound dressings. This dual-purpose PowerChek looks for dressings trapped in the seals and for metal contaminants in the product.

Better technology gives better results

The seal-inspection tool in the PowerChek and PowerChek Plus incorporates an application specific low energy source and a high-contrast detector. The combination provides more detail and better contrast in an area of packaging - the seal - that is hard to inspect because of its low density. Conventional x-ray systems typically use a higher energy source and detector. The image they generate offers minimal detail in this low-density area of the pack. And seal-inspection equipment based on LED light source is incapable of performing other product checks in parallel, such as contamination detection.

Setting the sensitivity for optimum results

It is as easy to set up the seal-inspection tool as it is to use any other x-ray inspection tool. By setting the parameters and fine-tuning the sensitivity, operators can train the x-ray inspection software to catch particle-compromised seals while keeping false rejection rates close to zero. The result is a production line that gives manufacturers total confidence in the quality of their output. If their seals are good, they can virtually guarantee the sterility of the contents.

Product safety is a legal obligation and an issue of brand reputation

The seriousness with which the market views safety issues is underlined by the wide range of standards - notably HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), and Good Manufacturing Practice - relating to the production of foods, pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical. By incorporating appropriate inspection equipment into a company-wide approach to product safety, manufacturers can protect their reputations and meet their legal obligations.

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