SDUR60P60WT Series Rectifiers feature reverse recovery time of 40 ns.

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SDUR60P60WT Series Rectifiers are suitable for SMPS (switch mode power supplies), DC/DC converter, and PFC (power factor correction) applications. Units come with 60A continuous forward current rating and 600V reverse voltage rating. Rectifiers deliver forward voltage drop of 1.2V and idle current of 30 nA at 600V (25°C). Product is housed in TO-247AD three-leaded package.

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SMC Diode Solutions’ 60A, 600V, Ultrafast Recovery Rectifiers Offered in TO-247AD Packages

Parts Meet the Requirements of an Array of Commercial PFC and SMPS Applications

SMC Diode Solutions, a global leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of discrete semiconductors, voltage regulators, and die and wafer devices (Si and SiC), now provides the dual, high power SDUR60P60WT series of ultrafast rectifiers in a three-leaded TO-247AD (Pb- Free) package. The robust parts are supplied in the common cathode configuration and notably feature a continuous forward current rating of 60A, a reverse voltage rating of 600V, and very low reverse leakage current losses. Their high reverse voltage, high forward current rating and ultrafast switching capabilities make them specifically well suited for demanding SMPS (switch mode power supplies), DC/DC converter, and PFC (power factor correction).

An ideal output rectifier, the part is frequently employed as a free-wheeling or boost diode in high-frequency power switching applications including converters and motor control circuits, and is equally appropriate in a wide range of applications requiring an anti-parallel diode for high frequency switching devices, such as IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistors). The series is commonly specified as an anti-saturation diode, or snubber diode. It may also be used in UPS (uninterruptable power supplies), inductive heating and melting, ultrasonic cleaners and welders, and as an alternative energy inverter.

SMC’s 60A, 600V ultrafast recovery rectifier delivers a low forward voltage drop (VF) of 1.2V typical (IF =15A, 25°C) to reduce heat dissipation and maximize energy efficiency, as well as a low idle current of 30nA typical (600V, 25°C) to further enhance energy efficiency. It additionally features a high forward surge rating of 200A, essential in reactively loaded circuits. Typical reverse recovery time (trr) is 40ns.

Parts are shipped 25 pieces/tube. Parts are in stock and available at in sample and full tube quantities.

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Founded in 1997, SMC’s (Sangdest Microelectronic Company) extensive portfolio of discrete semiconductors, voltage regulators, and die and wafer devices were formerly sold under the Sensitron Semiconductor brand name. These high-reliability components are uniquely engineered to meet the global requirements of a broad range of mission-critical applications in the industrial, telecom, automotive, COTS Military, computing, aerospace, medical, LED lighting, consumer, power supply and alternative energy markets. SMC’s manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 industry standards. SMC maintains a network of manufacturing, sales and design facilities in strategic markets throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions. Visit for additional information and a full listing of SMC’s global distribution partners.

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