SDK/Digital Gateway Board facilitates network connectivity.

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MonteCarlo Software Development Kit (SDK) features AllOnHost(TM) architecture that lets standard voice, tone, and modem applications run on DSPs as well as host without loss of quality or performance. AllOnHost technology incorporates interfaces for IP and TDM networks, allows applications to make and receive calls, and provides media processing capabilities. Providing connectivity to TDM networks, Digital PCI Gateway Board offers up to 4 T1/E1 digital interfaces on 5.3 in. card.

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PIKA Technologies Announces Reliable Host-Based Processing Technology and New Digital Gateway Board

SDK Delivers Powerful AllOnHost(tm) Features for Application Developers

Ottawa , Canada - May 16 2006 - PIKA Technologies Inc. today announced the initial release of AllOnHost capabilities available in the PIKA MonteCarlo Software Development Kit as well as the release of a digital gateway board. With PIKA's patent-pending AllOnHost(tm) architecture, standard voice, tone, and modem applications that have traditionally run only on DSPs can now also run on the host without loss of quality or performance.

PIKA's AllOnHost technology incorporates interfaces for both IP and TDM networks, allows applications to make and receive calls, and provides media processing capabilities. Media processing applications include play and record, tone and DTMF detection/generation, conference summing and low latency switching. Codec support includes G.711 and G.729.

"Developers can choose between AllOnBoard(tm)(DSP-based) media processing, AllOnHost media processing, or a blend of both depending on application requirements," said Doug Petty, Vice President of Technology & Operations at PIKA. "We provide access to both from the same SDK."

"Throughout the design and development process for the host-based technology, we have set aggressive targets for performance and reliability," added Petty. "For example, in a Windows or Linux environment, depending on the application, PIKA AllOnHost can provide up to 600 active channels." Successful testing has been completed for both Windows and Linux, using Intel and AMD processors.

Cintech LLC, a leading provider of customer connection technology, has built cNotify(tm), a reliable high-volume messaging solution, using PIKA AllOnHost processing. "Using PIKA, we were really able to simplify management and improve growth potential with the host-based processing solution," stated Bryant Downey, Cintech's Chief Technology Officer. "From a scalability perspective, it is very easy to grow the capacity of this solution."

Designed with Both VoIP and TDM Interfaces

"At PIKA, we understand that host-based processing requires not only IP connectivity but also needs to interface to TDM networks," stated Doug Petty.

In an all-IP boardless implementation, PIKA AllOnHost software utilizes the PC's network interface card (NIC) for SIP call control and low latency RTP.

TDM Interface: New Purpose-Built Digital Gateway Board to Support Host-Based Processing

To provide efficient connectivity to traditional TDM networks, PIKA also introduces a digital gateway board. This first of a new generation of analog and digital connectivity boards has been specially designed and optimized for AllOnHost--media processing is accomplished using PIKA AllOnHost software resources. The board provides up to four T1/E1 digital interfaces on a 5.3 inch card and will be released first in a PCI format.

The PIKA Digital PCI Gateway Board is but the first in a series of gateway boards that will be rolled out over the next year. A PCI Express analog gateway board will be introduced later this year followed by a PCI Express version of the digital gateway board the first half of next year.

In the early life of the company, as part of the product strategy, the PIKA design team made the architectural decision to power the call control stacks on the computer's host processor. They have leveraged that knowledge and expertise as they enable current DSP-based media processing algorithms to run on the host as well. The company's product roadmap provides choice for developers in converged TDM/IP and pure IP environments.

The new version of PIKA MonteCarlo SDK, which provides the PIKA AllOnHost processing capabilities, as well as the PIKA Digital PCI Gateway Board, will be available at the end of June.

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PIKA Technologies designs and manufactures computer plug in media processing hardware and software that connect a computer system to both TDM- and IP-based networks to provide advanced voice and fax services. For almost two decades PIKA Technologies has been serving companies around the world that require voice cards to design sophisticated phone services for recording systems, voice services applications, fax broadcast and PC-PBX systems. The company has built a reputation for delivering innovative products and exceptional technical support by working closely with its customers. Headquartered in Ottawa, ON, Canada, the company has ranked in The Branham300, an authoritative ranking of successful Canadian high tech firms, for five consecutive years. Visit or call +1-613-591-1555 for more information.

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