SCSI Controller provides 1 or 2 independent channels.

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PMC-based, single/dual channel Ultra160 SCSI controller, Model SC PMC/160 offers SCSI synchronous data transfer rates to 160 Mbytes/s. It features DMA FIFO and SCSI SCRIPTS(TM) processor with 8 Kbytes on-chip SCRIPTS storage. To maximize PCI bus transfer, PCI interface operates up to 64-bit/66 MHz, offering up to 528 Mbytes/s zero wait state data bursts. Controller includes SureLINK(TM) domain validation, cyclic redundancy check, and asynchronous information protection.

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PMC Single/Dual Channel Ultra 160 SCSI Controller

November 2003 - Concurrent Technologies introduces its new low power PMC based single/dual channel Ultra160 SCSI controller, capable of SCSI synchronous data transfer rates of up to 160 Mbytes/s. The SC PMC/160 provides board options of either one or two independent Ultra160 SCSI channels by taking full advantage of the LSI53C10x0R Ultra160 SCSI controller family. The SC PMC/160 will i) improve CPU utilization, ii) maximize PCI bus
transfer efficiency, iii) maximize SCSI I/O transfer reliability and iv) maximize SCSI drive compatibility. Supporting a wide range of operating systems, the SC PMC/160 is suitable for
storage applications such as server systems, distributed computing, video-on-demand or image/signal processing.

To improve CPU utilization, the Ultra160 SCSI controller features a DMA FIFO and a SCSI SCRIPTS(TM) processor with 8 Kbytes on-chip SCRIPTS storage. To maximize PCI bus transfer performance, the SC PMC/160 PCI interface operates up to 64-bit/66MHz, offering up to 528 Mbytes/s zero wait state data bursts. Plus, the SCRIPTS instruction storage allows all accesses
to remain internal, reducing the time spent on the PCI bus. To maximize reliable end-to-end SCSI I/O transfers, the controller features SureLINK(TM) domain validation, Cyclic Redundancy
Check (CRC) and Asynchronous Information Protection (AIP). To maximize SCSI drive compatibility, it provides integrated LVDIink(TM) transceivers to support (using auto-sensing) either Low Voltage Differential (LVD) or single-ended (SE) SCSI buses automatically.

The dual channel SC PMC/160-00 and single channel SC PMC/160-01 options can support (narrow and wide) Fast SCSI, Ultra SCSI, Ultra2 SCSI, and wide Ultra160 SCSI standards. Both options provide a front panel 68-way High Density SCSI connector and the dual channel option supports the second channel via the rear I/O P4 PMC connector. The PMC PCI interface is compatible with both 3.3V and 5V PCI signaling.

The SC PMC/160 can be used with any board level product featuring a standard PMC host interface, including Concurrent Technologies' CompactPCI, VME or Multibus II based PMC host boards.

The SC PMC/160 is fitted with 512 Kbytes Flash EPROM, pre-programmed with the SCSI BIOS and on-board configuration utility. This allows, for example, the SC PMC/160 to be configured to boot the operating system via the SCSI interface. For ease of integration, many of today's leading operating systems are supported including Linux®, Windows® 2000, Windows NT®, Windows® XP Embedded, VxWorks® and Solaris(TM).

SC PMC/160 prices start from approximately $594.

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