SCRs and TRIACS suit range of power switching applications.

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Silicon Controlled Rectifiers, Series CYNB40 and CYNB55 are rated to 40 and 55 A, respectively, and come in non-isolated package. With surge rating of 700 A, Series CYNB55 is suited for applications where high surge currents can occur. Series CTA/CTB Triacs are offered in 30 A rating in isolated package and 35 A rating in non-isolated package. Same ratings are available for high temperature CHTA/CHTB Triac/Alternistors. Series CTB40 offers 40 A rating in non-isolated TO-220 package.

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Two New High Current SCRs and Triacs Series Available from Crydom

San Diego, CA (August 9, 2005) - Crydom Corp announces the addition of two new series of high current Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR) and three new series of high current Triac/Alternistors. Crydom now offers a wide range of SCRs with current ratings from 15A to 55A, and Triacs from 6A to 40A in the popular TO-220AB package with lead-free finishes on all connections.

"Our expertise in Solid State Relay technology has resulted in a number of new and innovative discrete power component products. The new high current products expand the scope of power switching applications that Crydom can satisfy," said Walt Gorrell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The new SCRs will be available with 40A and 55A ratings in the non-isolated package. The CYNB40 and CYNB55 are available with blocking voltage ratings from 400V to 1000V. The CYNB55 types are specifically designed for applications where high surge currents can occur. The CYNB55 have a surge (ITSM) rating of 700A (60Hz, Full Cycle).

The new Triacs will be available with 30A ratings in the isolated package and 35A in the non-isolated package. These ratings will be available in both the standard CTA/CTB Triacs and also the High Temperature (150°C) CHTA/CHTB Triac/Alternistors. In addition, Crydom has introduced the CTB40 Triacs offering a 40A rating in the non-isolated TO-220 package (equivalent to the ON Semiconductor MAC224 series).

Price: Starting from $1.25 in 100 piece quantities
Availability: Now
Delivery: Stock to 8 weeks

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