Scribing Unit provides deep marking.

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Suited for metallic parts, Model SV312 creates continuous line mark at speed of 19 characters, 7 mm tall, in less than 10 sec. Max scribing depth is 0.3 mm in steel at 110 HB and 0.25 mm in cast iron. Marker utilizes UC312 control unit with screen, internal software, and keyboard, eliminating need for PC or PLC. It can create, modify, and store data to mark. Carbide point is available for rough surfaces, while diamond point is suited for smooth surfaces.

Original Press Release:

New Scribing Unit for Deep and Fast Marking

Charlotte, NC July 22, 2004...Technifor announces the new SV312 deep scribing unit that creates a deep, highly continuous line mark at a speed of 19 characters, 7mm tall, in less than 10 seconds. The SV312 integrable marking machine is ideal for scribing on a variety of metallic parts of various shapes and states of surfaces such as VIN marking, shock towers and engine blocks in assembly and automatic production line environments. It features a maximum scribing depth of 0.3mm in steel at 110 HB and 0.25mm in cast iron. The SV312 utilizes the independent, user friendly UC312 control unit with screen, internal software and keyboard to speed programming and eliminate the need for a PC or PLC.

In addition, with use of a tool balancer, the SV312 can be used for marking structural iron, tubes, valve joints and more. The scribing unit achieves low noise levels compared to other percussion type marking and does not require consumables. Other features include creation, modification and storage of data to mark, calculation of variables such as time stamps, shift code, serial numbers. Management of text style: choice of character font, standard, OCR, choice of logos, compression, spacing, automatic centering, linear marking, angular, radial, inclined, inverted, mirrored. Download of customized logos and fonts also available. Depending on the surfaces, two types of scribing styli are available: Carbide point for rough surfaces; diamond point for machined and smooth surfaces. Marking head size: 12.5 inches x 9.inches x 8.5 inches. Weight: 53 lbs. The unit is air powered.

Technifor is one of the world¹s leading manufacturer¹s of electronically controlled permanent, ultra-fast marking systems utilizing Micro-Percussion technology for identification on metal or plastic parts. Technifor machines are available as stand alone and integrated units for use in bench, manufacturing cells or automated production line applications.

Client: John Beutell, Product Manager, Technifor, Inc.
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