SCREENMASTER® RT - Internally Fed, Fine Drum Screen System

The SCREENMASTER® RT internally fed rotary drum screen employs a rotating drum and rugged construction to provide effective fine screening.    This unit is employed in a wide variety of applications including wastewater, pulp and paper processing, tanning and slaughterhouse waste, produce washing, food processing and more.  It is also used in the separation of debris from any variety of plant and equipment cleaning processes.

The SCREENMASTER employs a cylindrical screen constructed of perforated metal, wedge wire or filter cloth.  As the drum rotates, solids are conveyed to the unit's discharge and liquids are drained via the unit's liquid outlet port. The RT is provided in a choice of models and sizes to match application requirements.

The SCREENMASTER RT is ruggedly constructed for smooth operation and long life.  It is supplied in corrosion resistant 304L or 316L stainless steel. The unit is provided with a choice of screen openings from 500x500 micron (filter cloth) up to 6 mm perforations. The internal section is readily accessed by removal of the exterior panels. The RT is provided with internal as well as external pressure nozzles to keep the screen clear.

The unit is provided with a PLC based control system with an HMI interface for adjusting system parameters. 

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