Scissor Hinge lifts back engine door of buses.

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Made of stainless steel with customized rivets, Custom Scissor Hinge is used with gas spring to guide and support rear engine door of buses through 130° opening for optimal access. Variety of standard opening angles is available. Able to resist highly corrosive environments, hinge is cycle tested and certified beyond life of vehicle.

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Normont Hinge Launches "Custom Scissor Hinge" for Bus

Made of stainless steel, with customized rivets, the Scissor Hinge is used with a gas spring to guide and support the rear engine door of a city bus through its 130º opening.

Montreal, Quebec - March 27, 2009 - Normont Hinge has introduced a newly designed Custom Scissor Hinge. With a combination of design engineering expertise and highly developed manufacturing capabilities, Normont Industrial's hinge division connects concept to reality for the vehicle market.

The Scissor hinge is designed to lift the back engine door of a city bus; the hinge guides and supports the door through its 130 º opening, which allows for greater access to the back engine door of the vehicle. Made of stainless steel with a customized rivet, the Scissor Hinge has been cycle tested and certified beyond the life of the vehicle.

A variety of standard opening angles are available. Standard angles can be used with the correct gas spring which pushes the door up to the required angle. Stainless steel was used for its great resistance to the highly corrosive environment the hinge is being exposed to, in this case icy weather road salt.

The Scissor Hinge has been cycle tested and certified for the life of the vehicle. Initiated at the customer's request, the hinge had to pass a specific number of cycles. "This shows the hinge can be opened/closed by an operator over the life of the bus without falling apart" explains Kevin Stangeland, Director of engineering at Normont Industrial. Cycle testing was done at a local test facility. The results and certification reports state that the hinge was still in one piece and that there was no failure. "Being a highly critical product, it was essential that we designed and manufactured a product that exceeded application requirements. By cycle testing the hinge we guarantee the product integrity" adds John Struthers, President at Normont.

The Scissor Hinge, which is manufactured in Quebec, is the latest in a new range of products to be launched by Normont Hinge in what is becoming a virtual blitz of new designs, connecting the customer's ideas with the right solutions.

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Normont Hinge, a manufacturer of industrial hinges sold primarily to original equipment manufacturers of enclosures, machines, rail cars, city bus, trains and truck bodies, has sales, design and engineering offices and production facilities in Canada, the United States, Mexico and China. Normont has the full spectrum of engineering and production capabilities to support any requirement-from straightforward build-to-print to Normont-designed solutions. To learn more, visit

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