Schleuniger, Inc. to Debut New Wire Processing Solutions at Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo

Schleuniger, Inc., a leading international manufacturer of high-precision wire processing machines, will be among the over 125 world class suppliers and service companies to exhibit at the 2013 Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo. This exclusive showcase for the wire and cable processing industry will be held May 8 – 9, 2013 at The Delta Center in Milwaukee, WI. Schleuniger will be at booth #1735 providing hands-on demonstrations of innovative solutions for stripping, cutting, sealing, crimping and marking of all types of wire and cable.

As part of their exhibition, Schleuniger will debut the CoaxStrip 5200, a semi-automatic, multi-step stripping machine for coaxial, multi-conductor cable and single conductor wire. Thanks to the universally designed blades, centralizers and clamping jaws, the machine can process a full range of cables without the need for mechanical adjustments, saving the user valuable time and increasing output when switching between applications. The CoaxStrip 5200 also offers user-friendly features such as easy access to the LED lit working area and an intuitive, menu-driven data input system that allows cable programs to be created, saved and recalled quickly, ensuring consistent, repeatable results each time.

The company will also unveil the MegaStrip 9650 automatic cut and strip machine. The machine’s modular design and wide range of processing capabilities make the MegaStrip 9650 a sustainable investment for the future. With fast feeding speeds and high stripping forces, this powerful, yet precise machine is designed to provide the highest possible productivity and performance. Outstanding ease-of-use thanks to its extensive libraries of predefined cable types, processes and operations rounds out the MegaStrip 9650’s impressive list of features. 

Another Schleuniger product to be introduced at the trade show is the SealLoad 3100 sealing station for use on all CrimpCenter models and most other cut, strip, terminate machines. The SealLoad 3100 features faster, stress-less seal insertion, reduced noise and energy consumption, extended seal size range as well as advanced quality monitoring capabilities with SealCam. The innovative SealCam monitoring system ensures correct seal positioning, examines the quality of the seal as well as the wire and monitors the functioning of the machine jaws, notifying the operator when lubricating is needed. 

Schleuniger will also demonstrate the Di.IT Cutting Area Optimization next generation cutting area control software. This scalable, modular system allows users to integrate and centrally control machines from different manufacturers in the cutting area. In addition to optimizing production and increasing efficiency, the software enables manufacturing facilities to achieve a significantly improved quality rate, higher machine utilization and considerable savings in time and material. With its impressive list of features and user benefits, Di.IT Cutting Area Optimization is the most powerful and comprehensive cutting area manufacturing execution system to date.  

Additional products Schleuniger will demonstrate include the CrimpCenter 36 S, UniStrip 2300, EcoCut 3300, RotaryStrip 2400, PowerStrip 9550, OmniStrip 9450 and StripCrimp 200, among others.

In addition to exhibiting at the trade show, Schleuniger‘s Crimping Product Manager, Gustavo Garcia-Cota will also present an educational seminar on crimp quality. The presentation, “Crimp Force Monitoring: How to Detect Your Crimping Errors,” will be held on Thursday May 9th, 2013 at 10:30am and is open to all conference attendees. Designed to educate attendees on the capabilities and benefits of crimp force monitoring, the presentation will explore common misconceptions regarding crimp force monitoring, address the different factors that can contribute to crimping errors and provide information on troubleshooting these errors.

More information about these products can be found at Should you have any questions, please e-mail or call (603) 668-8117.

Schleuniger is one of the globally leading companies for wire processing solutions and is specialized in high precision stripping & crimping technology. Manufactured in Switzerland and Germany, Schleuniger machines and equipment are used in various industries and markets all over the world. The Schleuniger Group has sales & service companies in Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico, Slovakia, Japan and China and a world-wide sales & service network with long-term partners in more than 50 countries. The Schleuniger Group represents the division “Wire Processing” of the METALL ZUG GROUP. The holding company METALL ZUG AG is listed at the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX Local Caps, Zurich, Switzerland).

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