Scanners (3D) combine high-speed DAQ and detailed data.

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With 8,000 points/sec DAQ rate and 800 m range, Riegl 3D scanners combine in-field data acquisition (DAQ) and pixel-accurate photogrammetric detail for data extraction by CAD engineers. Use of photo details meshed with scanner measurement data promotes scan accuracy of 5 mm and control point accuracy of 1.5 mm over 360° field. Besides integrated 6/12 megapixel Nikon/Canon Photogrammetric camera, scanner is offered with RiSCAN Pro DAQ software and Phidias Software for 2D/3D projects.

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Riegl USA Announces 3D Scanners Enhanced by New Photogrammetric Option to Speed CAD Work Flow and Faster ROI

Productivity Leader in 3D Scanning

Riegl USA has introduced a 3D scanner that allows field crews and back office CAD engineers to dramatically increase their work flow without sacrificing accuracy. The new line of scanners combines high speed data acquisition in the field with "pixel accurate" photogrammetric detail for faster data extraction by CAD engineers.

Riegl's line of high speed scanners reach up to a 8000 points per second data acquisition rate to a long range 800 meters. Typically, a 3D scanner field crew will take multiple target scans from various angles. The complete 360 degree field of view along with scan accuracy of 5 mm and control point accuracy of 1.5 mm dramatically increase field productivity and accuracy.

Photogrammetric Option and highly accurate "As-builts"
The development of combining the 3D laser scanner with close range photogrammetry benefits the CAD engineers with faster post processing and gives the end-users a complete "existing condition" snapshot.

The combination of the two technologies helps CAD engineers in their post processing work flow. Using photo details meshed with scanner measurement data enhances features, improves accuracy and is more effective for the user to extract information. An integrated 6 or 12 mega pixel Nikon or Canon Photogrammetric camera provides the most complete edge and detail information.

Productivity and Automation in Data Acquisition ideal for Civil Projects
All of Riegl's 3D scanners are available with RiSCAN Pro data acquisition software. This software structures and organizes the process of scans, photo images, Total Station control points as well as GPS information. Many tasks such as control point scanning, photo image acquisition, control point linking and control point registration are automated for maximum project control. RiScan Pro provides the survey manager with overall management and analysis of control points in one easy to use database.

Breakthrough in point cloud and calibrated imagery in CAD programs
No more painful point cloud processing programs. The Phidias Software is a plug-in to MicroStation and AutoCAD. Users bring point cloud and calibrated imagery directly into MicroStation or AutoCAD and use the Industry standard tools to select the information needed for the project. In addition to traditional 2D deliverables, the 3D model creation is now accomplished quickly in these CAD programs. This new breakthrough eliminates the largest obstacle to fast 3D scanning project turnaround and allows the user greater flexibility by using both the point cloud and the photo image to extract information. The final step is a PDF of a solid model for use on any computer.

Productivity Gains through Mobile Mapping
The ability to use the Riegl Scanner mounted on a vehicle with STOP-N-GO(TM) scanning eliminates time consuming setup. This approach provides freedom from the restriction of setting up over a known point.

Don't Forget about Safety
The Riegl Laser Scanner meets OSHA regulations for Workplace Safety and ANSI Class 1 eye safe requirements. Riegl's invisible beam will not distract motorists, workers or pedestrians.

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Serving the North American Market since 1993

About Riegl USA
Riegl's 3D terrestrial laser scanner business is based upon the company's 28 year heritage in research, development and manufacture of time-of-flight based optical radar systems. Our products are used for ground based and airborne survey, industrial process control, altimetry and aerospace applications.

Riegl's many different 3D scanners offer a wide array of performance characteristics and serve as a platform for continuing innovation in the 3D laser scanning business. An example is the integration of the 3D laser scanner with the Photogrammetric camera resulting in the synergistic benefits of greater speed and higher accuracies.

Today Riegl is recognized as the performance leader in the mining, industrial process control, civil infrastructure, mobile mapping and other large scale asset markets. The instruments are well known for their ruggedness and reliability under demanding environmental conditions.

The training center for Riegl USA is located in Orlando, Florida adjacent to our North American Office

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