Scan System enhances microprocessing productivity.

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To meet demands for dynamics, precision, and long-term stability in 24/7 operation, excelliSCAN features optimized mechanical design, galvo scanners with digital angle sensors, and SCANahead servo control for dynamic laser processing. Water- and active air-cooled variants are available, and control is provided by RTC 6 control board. Available with 14 mm aperture, system exhibits stability as well as optimal heat removal under dynamic load due to mechanical design.

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New Premium-Class Scan System

excelliSCAN brings more productivity to micro-processing

Puchheim, Germany – As the leading OEM supplier of laser deflection and positioning systems, SCANLAB AG is presenting a new high-end scan system at the Laser World of Photonics 2015 tradeshow in Munich, Germany. excelliSCAN utilizes servo innovations to deliver significant productivity gains in numerous industrial applications – e.g. micro-processing. And its optimized mechanical design ensures robustness alongside improved thermal management.

For the electronics industry, increased throughput is a vital contributor to economic success as well as the flexibility and quality of processing methods. Of ever-increasing importance, modern laser processing is particularly well-suited to fulfilling that industry's requirements – and those of other sectors, too. Specific examples of scanner-based processing methods include full-surface processing, and cutting of contours or openings in hardened glass in the manufacturing of smart devices. Specially developed to meet rigorous demands for dynamics, precision and long-term stability in 24/7 operation, SCANLAB's excelliSCAN scan system newly defines the core elements of scan technology.

An Impressive System Designed for Industrial Usage

excelliSCAN utilizes galvo scanners with ultra-precise digital angle sensors and a completely new SCANahead servo control: this control solution enables highly dynamic laser processing unencumbered by the existing limitations of conventional servos with tracking error. The new servo design achieves a previously unattainable union of very high speed with very high dynamic performance, thus delivering clear productivity gains to users. Moreover, high-speed contour marking accuracy (e.g. starting off from sharp corners and curves) is significantly improved.

excelliSCAN's new mechanical design provides enhanced stability, more compactness and optimal heat removal under dynamic load. In addition to the familiar water-cooling option, SCANLAB for the first time offers a system variant with efficient, active air-cooling. This is particularly welcome for machine designs that don't allow water as a coolant. excelliSCAN will initially be available with a 14-mm aperture; a 10-mm version is in preparation. Control is provided by the newly developed RTC 6 control board, which, together with the scan system, will debut this June at the laser tradeshow in Munich.

Current SCANLAB Event Calendar:

LASER World of PHOTONICS, June 22-25, 2015 in Munich, Germany, Hall A2 - Booth 322.


With over 20,000 systems produced annually, SCANLAB AG is the world-leading and independent OEM manufacturer of scan solutions for deflecting and positioning laser beams in three dimensions. Its exceptionally fast and precise high-performance galvanometer scanners, scan heads and scan systems find application in industrial materials processing and the electronics, food and beverage industries, as well as biotech and medical technology. For 25 years, SCANLAB has secured its international technology leadership through pioneering developments in electronics, mechanics, optics and software, as well as the highest quality standards.

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