Scaletron Helps Specialty Gas Manufacturer Reduce Costs and Improve Worker Safety with Portable Scale

Scaletron was approached by a major manufacturer in the specialty gas industry who was weighing large numbers of gas cylinders on a daily basis. On a typical day there were approximately 200 gas cylinders that needed to be weighed. The challenge was that these cylinders were located at multiple locations throughout the plant. The procedure was to bring the cylinders to several scales that were placed in central locations throughout the plant. This presented several problems – first, the process was time consuming and second, it was potentially dangerous as the cylinders weighed as much as 300 lbs. and in many cases workers were rolling them on their bottom edge to the scale location.

The Solution

Scaletron’s 2308CS™ Portable Digital Cylinder Cart Scale reduced costs, saved time and improved worker safety.

The engineers at Scaletron analyzed the situation and came up with a simple, yet effective solution. They decided that it would be better to find a way to bring the scale to the cylinders, rather than the cylinders to the scale. As a result a product was developed that combined a scale and indicator with a standard hand truck – all in one convenient portable unit. Featuring a hand cart with integral weighing platform and digital LCD display, the Model 2305CS™ Digital Cylinder Cart Scale was designed in both electric and rechargeable battery powered versions. Available with either a 9 x 9” or 12 x 12” base the scale can weigh cylinders up to 9 inches or 12 inches in diameter, respectively and up to 349 pounds in weight. Accuracy is ± 0.5% of capacity and readout is in either pounds or kilograms. To provide protection from corrosive chemicals, the electronics are housed in a NEMA 4X, UL approved enclosure. Additionally, the Model 2308CS™ Digital Cylinder Cart Scale base features rugged stainless steel construction for use in harsh environments, while the portable hand cart features powder coated steel construction and 10″ solid tires for ease of movement.


The 2308CS™ reduced cost as one portable scale replaced a number of traditional scales, saved time in weighing by not having to move cylinders to central locations and improved worker safety by reducing the need to roll the heavy cylinders to the scale locations.

About Scaletron Industries, Ltd.

Scaletron Industries, Ltd. is the industry leader in corrosion resistant scales for use in the harsh environments of the municipal drinking water, waste water treatment and industrial process water treatment industries. Scaletron offers a full line of mechanical and electronic scales including cylinder, ton cylinder, drum, tank, platform, and spill containment scales. Scales are designed for weighing corrosive chemicals including powders, liquids, and liquefied gases. Scaletron offers a full, 5 year warranty on all products.

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