Scaler suits underground mining industry.

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Mine Scaler Conversion package, available with 2 boom arrangements and Custom Conversions, is suited for unique scaling needs. Able to be integrated on new-wheeled excavator or pre-owned model, unit features hydraulically rising cab that tilts forward and backward. Users choose which tool to use: pick, hammer, or grinder. Unit has load shock system on hydraulics, separate tank and cooler circuit to run tools, and lighting package for night work.

Original Press Release:

PWCE is Proud to Introduce to the Mining Industry, the PWCE Scaler

The PWCE Mine Scaler Conversion package is available in two different boom arrangements, as well as Custom Conversions for your special scaling needs. The PWCE Scaler can be integrated on a new-wheeled excavator or a pre-owned model that you already have in your fleet. The advantage with wheels is that you can travel at a very high rate of speed to your next face to be cleaned; however, if your application requires a tracked machine, PWCE has you covered.

With features like hydraulically rising cabs that tilt forward and backward, your operator is right where he needs to be at all times. No more stiff neck at the end of the day. You choose which tool to use. Pick, hammer, or grinder - this scaler package is built to take it. With options like the PWCE designed load shock system on the hydraulics, you're protected. With a separate tank and cooler circuit to run your tools, there will be no more trashed pumps. A lighting package second to none turns night into day. These features, and many more, give the PWCE Scaler the durability and longevity to withstand the daily beating these scalers take!

The PWCE Scaler has been proven to be fast, durable, and an economical solution for the demands of the underground mining industry. The biggest feature of the PWCE Scaler is that not only is it fast, operator friendly, durable, and economical to run, but that it uses "off the shelf" components from your local dealer that will keep you up and running. You're not waiting indefinitely for parts from who knows where.

PWCE doing the job right - one scaler at a time!

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