Saw Blade offers optimized cross-cutting capability.

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Suited for table, panel, and circular saws, 1048 Woodworker II features 48 teeth, 20° face hook, and 25° bevel, making it suited for cross-cutting everything from soft woods to plywood veneers. Sharp points allow blade to cleanly slice through wood fibers as it cuts across grain and to operate quietly with minimized vibration. Available in 10 in. diameter with 1/8 in. kerf, and 5/8 in. bore, blade can also produce smooth rips without side scoring or splintering.

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Forrest Manufacturing Improves Cross-Cutting Capability of its Award-Winning Woodworker II Saw Blade

New 48-Tooth General Purpose Blade Cuts Quieter, Smoother and with Less Vibration

CLIFTON, New Jersey, October 7, 2009-Forrest Manufacturing has taken its award-winning general-purpose table, panel and circular saw blade to a superior level of performance. The new 1048 Woodworker II has more teeth and a higher bevel than the original 40-tooth Woodworker II, making it exceptionally good for cross-cutting everything from soft woods to plywood veneers.

"Everybody thinks it's easy to get a super clean cross cut, but in fact, it's not," says Jay Forrest, vice president, Forrest Manufacturing. "Although ripping - or running a blade parallel to the fibers in the grain of a wood - requires more power, cross-cutting involves severing the fibers in the grain, often resulting in splintering or a fuzzy cut."

The new 48-tooth Woodworker II has the same 20-degree face hook as the original 40-tooth Woodworker II for an easy feed, but the points of the teeth have a 25-degree bevel rather than a 15-degree bevel. Sharper points allow the blade to cleanly slice through wood fibers as it cuts across the grain and to operate quietly and with less

The new Woodworker II is especially suited for manufacturing picture frames or other products that require hundreds of cross-grain cuts. But the new blade, like the original Woodworker II, also produces smooth rips without side scoring or splintering, making it a good choice for woodworkers needing an all-purpose combination blade.

The 48-tooth Woodworker II has been nearly a year in development. It is available in a conventional 10" diameter with a 1/8-inch kerf and standard 5/8-inch bore. Custom sizes are also available.

Like all Forrest blades, the new Woodworker II is precision engineered from corrosion resistant, super-strong C-4 micrograin carbide giving it up to 300 percent longer life between sharpenings than other carbide blades. Plus, like all Forrest blades, the new blade is hand straightened to ensure perfect flatness and has exceptional perimeter concentricity and side runout of +/- .001.

To ensure continued precision performance, Forrest offers state-of-the-art factory sharpening at reasonable cost. Made in the United States, the 1048 Woodworker II comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

About Forrest Manufacturing

Forrest Manufacturing is a family-owned business founded in 1946. Well respected for its quality products and superior customer service, it produces a variety of custom and specialty blades, including the new Signature Line Chop Master, Dado King, Duraline, Concave Face, and nonferrous cutting blades. Forrest blades are available
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