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Industrial oil and gas consumption is growing throughout the world. This means that new technologies and deposits must constantly be found if this increased demand is to be met. The fact that Sauer Compressors are very much at home on ships in general makes them ideal for use onboard exploration vessels which use air guns to survey the seabed around the world with a view to finding and exploiting new deposits. As the only supplier which is able to provide not only the compressors for the air guns but also the compressors for starting diesel engines, Sauer Compressors can offer its customers complete solutions! Sauer Compressors are equally at home on oil platforms too. Our compressors meet the strict requirements imposed within this particular branch of industry. They are used in order to compensate for the natural movement of the sea and thus help to ensure that drilling and production can continue even when the sea is rough. Naturally, we are on hand to assist you even after your compressors have been delivered. Whether they travel by helicopter or by ship, Sauer's service personnel will always get to you somehow.

What are Sauer Compressors used for?

o Air guns / surveying the seabed

o Motion compensating on board floating crude-oil platforms

o Engine starting compressors

Who are Sauer Compressors' customers?

o Marine research institutions

o Exploration firms

o Platform equipment suppliers

Which Sauer product ranges are used?

o Product ranges: HURRICANE, 5000, 6000

o Variants: Basic, BasBooster, ComSilent, ComBooster

o Volumetric flow: 18-440 scfm (30 -750 m³/hr)

o Pressure range: 1450-5800 psig (100 - 400 bar)

o Medium: Air, nitrogen

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