Satellite Radio Antenna Packages simplify distribution.

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Satellite antenna packs aid distribution of satellite radio channels from one Crestron outdoor antenna to multiple tuners using standard RG-6 cable. While SRD-ANT-1-PAK supports one tuner and SRD-ANT-4-PAK supports up to 4, both offer 200 ft range for each tuner. One tuner and high-gain line amplifier are included with SRD-ANT-1LD-PAK, which offers 300 ft range, just as SRD-ANT-8-PAK, which features two 4-way amplified splitters and supports up to 8 tuners (expandable to 16).

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Crestron Announces Satellite Radio Antenna Solutions

Crestron Antenna Solutions Simplify Satellite Radio Installation and Distribution

ROCKLEIGH, NJ, November 12, 2008 - Crestron introduces versatile antenna packages that simplify installation and distribution of multi-room satellite radio. Just one Crestron outdoor antenna can feed up to 16 Crestron XM or SIRIUS® satellite radio tuners, and these new satellite antenna solutions enable the distribution of satellite radio channels to multiple receivers throughout the home and office using standard RG-6 cable.

The high-performance Crestron antenna features a considerably narrower beam as compared to standard consumer antennas, achieving a significantly higher signal-to-noise ratio. Additional front-end filtering blocks interference from nearby out-of-band RF signal sources such as Wi-Fi, cellular and cordless telephones.

For easy ordering and installing Crestron offers the following four satellite radio antenna packaged solutions:

SRD-ANT-1-PAK supports a single tuner; range up to 200 feet

SRD-ANT-4-PAK supports up to four independent tuners; range of up to 200 feet each

SRD-ANT-1LD-PAK includes one tuner and high-gain line amplifier; range of up to 350 feet

SRD-ANT-8-PAK (includes two 4-way amplified splitters) supports up to eight tuners: signal range up to 300 feet. An additional 3-way couple can split the antenna signal to each of the two amplified splitters, allowing easy expansion up to a total of 16 satellite radio tuners.

The basic kit for each package includes a wall mount bracket, pole mount hardware, F-to SMB adapter cable(s), and weatherproof boot. The 4-PAK features the 4-way splitter and attenuator, and the 8-PAK adds a line amplifier, 4-way coupler, (2) 4-way amplified splitters, and attenuators.

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