SATA SSDs operate in harsh industrial environments.

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StorFly™ storage products consist of CE models with 32-512 GB capacities and endurance of 10 GB/day for 10 yr. RE models can run at 25 GB/day for 10 yr while XE versions have 8 to 256 GB of memory and, for 10 yr, handle up to 190 GB/day. All models support 24/7 operation in harsh environments. Standard operating temperature range is 0-70°C for all, but extended range is -20 to +85°C for CE units and -40°C to +85°C for RE and XE models.

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Virtium Expands StorFly SATA SSD Line to Satisfy Embedded System Needs for Enhanced Endurance, Industrial Temperature SSD Storage

StorFly SSD product classes match harsh environment, 24/7 reliability, longer product deployment requirements in applications ranging from digital signage to industrial automation and networking equipment

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. - Virtium, a leading provider of storage and memory solutions for embedded systems, today announced the expansion of its StorFly™ solid-state storage product line.  Virtium has added the StorFly CE, RE and XE product classes to its existing line of StorFly PE embedded SATA SSDs.  Designed to meet virtually any workload requirement of embedded systems, the broadened Virtium StorFly SSD portfolio satisfies needs for enhanced endurance and extended operating temperature.  The new StorFly product classes are optimized for the data types and workloads of applications ranging from digital signage to networking equipment that have strenuous requirements for ten-year product deployments in harsh environments with 24/7 operation.  

Industry trade organizations have defined workloads and application classes for client and enterprise computing, but the embedded market is so diverse in terms of chipsets, operating systems and data types that it has been difficult to make distinct classifications.  Therefore, Virtium designed its four classes of StorFly embedded SATA SSDs to match the storage needs of a multitude of uses.  The StorFly CE product family is designed for digital signage, automotive infotainment and other applications that are "write seldom, read many."  StorFly RE is optimized for higher reliability applications such as networking appliances or industrial computing.  StorFly XE is an ideal alternative to SLC SSDs in industrial automation or central office switches because of its high endurance and -40° to +85°C operating temperature capabilities.  Rounding out the Virtium StorFly portfolio, the previously announced StorFly PE is the highest performing SSD with endurance of up to 500 gigabytes per day (GB/day) for 10 years.

"Virtium architected its diverse StorFly SATA SSD portfolio to optimally address the broad range of embedded systems applications," said Gary Drossel, vice president of product strategy at Virtium.  "StorFly CE, RE, XE and PE SSDs allow embedded system OEMs to define the optimal trade-off of endurance, performance, capacity and operating temperature versus cost and longevity."

"With the StorFly portfolio, our goal is not to design SSDs for client or enterprise computing – we are specifically designing SSDs for embedded systems," continued Drossel. "OEMs looking for SATA SSDs that need 24/7 availability, reliable operation over a wide temperature range, and that have endurance requirements of up to 500GB/day for ten years will find the ideal storage solution among Virtium's StorFly SSD product classes."

Virtium StorFly SSD Portfolio







32 to 512GB

16 to 512GB

8 to 256GB

8 to 256GB

Endurance(1) – GB per day for 10 years





Standard operating temperature

0° to 70°C

0° to 70°C

0° to 70°C

0° to 70°C

Extended operating temperature


-20° to 85°C

-40° to 85°C

-40° to 85°C

(1) 256GB SSD

For detailed product specifications on Virtium’s StorFly products, please go to:

About Virtium

Virtium is a solutions-driven provider of storage and memory products for OEMs in the networking, industrial, medical and military markets. Virtium combines first-to-market solutions with continuity of support for legacy products that meet the performance, workload and product deployment requirements of its customers.

Virtium is known as a storage and memory innovator.  The company is a driving force in the continuous development of SSD and memory module advancements that deliver density, form factor, extended temperature, ruggedization and configuration improvements.

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