Samuel Son & Company Launches Continuous Improvement Programs in North America with Shoplogix(TM) Plantnode®

Accurate Real-Time Data Drives Immediate Benefits

OAKVILLE, Ontario, Jan. 15 - Shoplogix, a leading developer of real-time performance management (RPM) solutions, today announced that Samuel Son & Co., Limited, a leading processor and distributor of industrial steel products, has purchased and implemented the Shoplogix RPM solution Plantnode® to support Samuel's launch of continuous improvement programs in North America.

Tom McGrogan, VP Operations at Samuel Son & Company stated, "To remain competitive, we needed to improve our production reporting and achieve real-time visibility into our operations." By implementing Shoplogix, we very rapidly gained tremendous new insight into our production processes which allowed us to eliminate bottle-necks and non-value added activities." This solution helps us improve manufacturing efficiency, which is what it is all about."

"We run many different jobs on each machine and we required a better understanding of the amount of time associated with machine setup and material replenishment," John Lennartz Director of Operations at Samuel, Son & Co., Ltd. articulated. "Using our current system it was difficult to account for every minute of non-productive time. With Plantnode, we immediately gained visibility to every second of the machine's operation and downtime and identified opportunities for improvement. We have since implemented changes, based on our findings, and have seen our operational efficiencies improve."

"A partnership with Samuel Son & Co. demonstrates our commitment to the success of our customers and dedication to developing lean solutions that help manufacturers accomplish their objectives faster, easier and with fewer resources," said Steve Celestini, Shoplogix VP Strategy and Chief Technology Officer. "Our collaboration establishes a stronger presence in the steel services industry and further validates our ability to deliver measurable value to companies like Samuel Son & Co."


Samuel Son & Co., Limited is a leading processor and distributor of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum industrial products. The company operates more than 80 facilities throughout Canada and the United States, with in excess of 4,500 employees.

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