Safety Switches interlock and enable.

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HS series of interlock switches and HE series of 3-position enabling switches meet relevant ANSI, OSHA, RIA, UL, TUV, BG and Demko specs. HS series switches are tamper-proof and conform to OSHA specs for doors and access gates. Each model forces contacts to disconnect when door is opened. HE Series enabling switches comply with ANSI and RIA requirements for working with robotic equipment, and are suitable for use in teaching pendants.

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Meet Requirements With IDEC Safety Products, New Product Line Includes Interlock and Enabling Switches

IDEC Corporation, worldwide manufacturer of control automation devices and industry standard switches and relays, is proud to announce the release of a new line of safety products. The HS series of interlock switches and the HE series of three-position enabling switches continue IDEC's commitment to the safest and most efficient human-machine interface solutions.

The HS series of door interlock switches was designed to protect workers in potentially hazardous situations as a more reliable alternative to traditional limit switches. HS switches are tamperproof and conform to OSHA recommendations for doors and access gates. Each model features direct opening action, which forces the contacts to disconnect when the door is opened, even if they have been welded or stuck.

HS models are available with either plastic or durable die-cast aluminum housings. Some models feature an optional LED indicator, or a locking solenoid for extra worker security in hazardous areas. IDEC also offers the world's smallest three contact interlock switch, the HS6B model, which will install easily into areas with limited clearance without affecting performance.

The HE Series of three-position enabling switches comply with ANSI and RIA requirements for working with robotic equipment, and were specifically designed for use in teaching pendants. The OFF-ON-OFF functionality provides a high level of safety in panic situations, and is based on studies showing that the human response in panic situations may be to squeeze or to release.

Available HE models include basic, double basic (redundant), 16mm pushbutton style, and a grip switch with an optional E-stop. The grip switches are well-suited for use as a "deadman" switch by second operators in robotic cells. An extra monitoring contact in certain HE switches provides additional information about the status.

All HS Series switches are UL, TWV and BG approved, and CE marked; HE Series switches are UL and Demko approved and CE marked, and the HEIG grip switch is also BG approved.

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