Safety Barrier provides loading dock safety.

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Dok-Guardian(TM) SB-5000 helps protect employees and equipment from falling off vacant loading dock. Using tension roller system, red PVC-coated fiberglass unit manually extends across opening up to 10 ft, 5 in. providing 44 in. tall highly-visible barrier. Three heavy-duty polyester safety restraining straps help Dok-Guardian stop 10,000 lb fork truck traveling up to 4 mph. Pocket-design keeps barrier out of harm's way when stored inside guards.

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Dok-Guardian(TM) SB-5000 Safety Barrier Helps Increase Loading Dock Safety

MILWAUKEE--The Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corporation introduced the Dok-Guardian(TM) SB-5000 Safety Barrier today. The Dok-Guardian Safety Barrier is designed to increase loading safety by helping to protect employees and equipment from falling off a vacant loading dock.

"With statistics showing that 10 to 25 percent of all industrial accidents occur at or around the loading dock, we wanted to help prevent loading dock accidents," Rite-Hite Aftermarket President and CEO Paul Maly said. "The Dok-Guardian increases loading dock safety by providing a four-foot high visual barrier that stretches across the door opening that dock personnel can easily see."

The Dok-Guardian SB-5000 Safety Barrier is a red PVC coated fiberglass barrier that manually extends across an opening up to 10-feet 5-inches to help prevent employees and material handling equipment from falling off the dock.

When the Dok-Guardian Safety Barrier is manually placed in the active position, it provides a 44-inch tall highly visible barrier. The barrier incorporates three yellow heavy-duty polyester safety restraining straps to help the Dok-Guardian stop a 10,000-pound fork truck traveling up to 4 miles per hour with little or no damage to the safety barrier.

A tension roller system helps the Dok-Guardian SB-5000 barrier easily extend or be placed in its active position by dock personnel. To place the Dok-Guardian in the active position, a dock attendant walks the barrier across the opening and positions it in the latch bracket.

To store or remove the Dok-Guardian Safety Barrier from the active position, the attendant removes the barrier from the latch bracket and walks it back across the opening to its stored or non-active position. A unique "pocket-design" helps keep the barrier out of harm's way when it is stored inside the guards.

The "pocket-design" is integral to a pair of Warden guards that help prevent door tracks from being impact by fork trucks. The 48-inch high Warden guards are made from one-quarter inch steel and are painted safety yellow for optimum dock protection. The Wardens also can be interchanged to allow the curtain to store on either side of the opening

For more information about the Dok-Guardian SB-5000 or any other products from the Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corporation, contact your local Rite-Hite Representative or the Rite-Hite Corporation, 8900 North Arbon Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53223. Phone: 414/355-2600. Fax: 414/355-4640 or call 1/800-465-0600. Or send an e-mail at

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