Safety and ROI Combined Benefit of Eco-tyre for Business and Government

The highly optimised composition of Yokohama’s newest tyre technology hasn’t just positioned it as a step forward in eco-development, it has actually delivered a tyre with excellent traction properties and lifespan to maximise safety and ROI in commercial and fleet use.

The BluEarth AE01 range, from Yokohama Tyre Australia, is infused with a precise quantity of orange oil to replace some of the petroleum content formerly in the rubber to keep the tyre compound soft and flexible at a micro level to better grip road surfaces, wet or dry.

The result combines three previously conflicting performance criteria: low rolling resistance for fuel saving, long mileage capability and excellent grip in wet conditions, making it suitable for city fleets as well as those being used for rural and public works duties.

For Australian businesses, benefits include fuel efficiency, longer lifespan for better return on investment, and eco friendly orange oil additive for higher performance and environmental gains.

“Performance gives a value-for-money return, but just as importantly, the BluEarth AE01 works just as well in cold and wet conditions when tyre rubber traditionally hardens and starts to lose grip.

On top of that, the combination of eco-friendly orange oil derived from orange peel and inert silica also makes these tyres nearly 10% lighter which in turn lowers the fuel usage by around 8-10%.

Added to the performance factor is the lower rolling resistance of these tyres, which also means a vehicle requires less power to drive along, therefore using less power and burning less fuel.

Some of the other features of the BluEarth AE01 ‘eco tyre’ include:

• Longer than average tyre life

• Reduced hydroplaning, leading to increased grip in the wet

• On average an extra 50 Km of distance on a standard fuel tank

• Multitask shoulder grooves for more even wear

“These new tyres cover a lot of bases that should sit very comfortably with consumers and commercial users,” according to Christian T. Hansen, Yokohama’s National Marketing Manager.

“The BluEarth range is made to be lighter and will last as long, if not longer than a conventional tyre.

“And unlike other low rolling resistance tyres they don’t lack grip on wet roads,” said Mr Hansen.

“With the BluEarth AE01, that elusive grip factor is restored and reinforced by Yokohama’s patented orange oil silica nano blend rubber combination.”

Yokohama tyre dealers around the country expect the BluEarth AE01 to be very successful on the market, especially considering the price of these new tyres will be the same as the range they are replacing.

The BluEarth AE01 ‘eco tyre’ range as of March 1 comes in 4 sizes:

1. The new BluEarth (AE01) car tyre for fuel efficient driving

2. The C.drive2 (AC02) car tyre for extra safety on wet roads

3. The Geolandar SUV (G055) which is a long lasting tyre for 4x4s and SUVs

4. The ADVAN A048 race tyre used in the national V8 Ute Racing Series

Orange Oil comes from the peel of the sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) and is extracted as a natural by-product of orange juice production through centrifugation and cold-pressing. It is composed almost entirely of a natural solvent called Limonene.

Limonene is what gives citrus fruit their aroma, and is also used in perfume, hand and household cleaners for its fragrance, as an environmentally friendly and relatively safe solvent, in adhesives, detergents and stain removers, cleaners of various sorts, and it is also a very useful product in agriculture.

Orange Oil is also used as a base for food flavours and is made in Australia with other volumes coming from the US, Brazil and China.

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For further information about Yokohama Tyres, please contact:

Mr Christian T Hansen

Marketing Manager

Yokohama Tyre Australia Pty Ltd

M 0421 053 275


About Yokohama Tyre Australia

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