SafeTap Plus an Environmentally Safe, High Performance Alternative to Oil-Base Fluids

Glenview, IL - December 20, 2007 - SafeTap® Plus is a water-based tapping fluid with
a custom blend of synthetic additives that provides the cooling properties of a waterbased coolant with the viscosity of a straight oil.

The unique composition of SafeTap® Plus gives higher viscosity and lubricity than many
competitors' oil-based products while also providing the exceptional level of rust
protection that is expected from a synthetic fluid. SafeTap® Plus not only prolongs tool life and creates better threads in tapped holes but it also creates a safer and cleaner work environment for employees. Since SafeTap® Plus is water-based and contains no mineral oils or solvents there is no oily residue left on the work pieces.

SafeTap® Plus is great for use on all metals* and offers an environmentally friendly,
high performance alternative to oil-based tapping fluids. SafeTap® Plus is available in 4 and 16 ounce bottles as well as 1, 5, and 55 gallon containers.

ITW ROCOL® North America designs and manufactures a full line of coolants and
lubricants for the metalworking industry including the SafeTap® product line of
environmentally friendly tapping fluids that offer a wide range of high performance
formulations for use in nearly any application and work setting.

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or call Emily Gibbons at (847) 657-5343.

* SafeTap Plus is not recommended for use on Magnesium

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