Saddle Cart provides flexible part handling for manufacturers.

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Built from Creform material handling system, saddle cart handles irregular and contoured parts. Upper level holds top of part, while lower level holds corresponding bottom of part. Surface width is sized so parts can be spread out to avoid tangling and improve picking efficiency. Able to be engineered to application requirements, cart holds up to 300 lb and is supported by four 6 in. dia casters (2 swivel). Open design makes all levels visible and promotes safety during movement.

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Putting the "FLEX" in Flexible Part Handling

Creform cart allows manufacturers to hold and deliver irregular and contoured shaped parts

The world of manufacturing is filled with thousands and thousands of parts with many of those parts not conforming to a strict shape; cube, square or round. Those parts still need to be moved and moved with a high degree of care and efficiency. Often these parts require a custom handling solution like the saddle cart shown. Such a cart is suitable for handling a variety of irregular and contoured parts such as flexible rubber and sheet good parts, wire harnesses, weather stripping and the like.

Recently, an automotive manufacturer was looking to improve both efficiency and avoid product damage with parts handling in its operation—particularly those difficult-to-handle, irregularly shaped parts. A saddle cart built from the Creform material handling system met their specific needs.

The cart pictured features two “levels,” an upper level to hold the top of the part, while a lower level holds the corresponding bottom of the part. These surfaces are wide so that parts can be spread out to avoid tangling and to improve picking efficiency. The saddle cart from Creform can be engineered to meet a variety of manufacturing applications in a variety of industries.

Each shelf of the cart features a ¼ in. black corrugated surface bent to create a curve shelf. This surface is supported with anti-static 28 mm Creform pipe and joints that are part of the structure, with angle bracing for additional strength and rigidity.

The open design of the cart makes all levels visible and enhances visual inventory management. The open design also enhances safety during movement. The cart is supported by four large six-inch diameter casters for easy rolling, two of which are swivel. The cart shown can hold up to 300 lb. and is 50”L x 60”H x 36”W, but saddle carts can be configured to custom dimensions. A variety of options are available, including useful accessories such as label holders and even a hitch for towing.

The Creform System is used to create an array of material handling and efficiency enhancing devices and is a proven component in continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing programs. The company partners with customers in developing and implementing these programs.

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