SABIC Innovative Plastics Expands Post-Consumer Recycled Resin Offerings, Empowering Customers to Create More Sustainable Applications

DÜSSELDORF, Germany - SABIC Innovative Plastics today introduced an expanded portfolio of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content materials here at K 2010, in Hall 6, Stand D42. This comprehensive portfolio, which now includes more than 25 grades spanning six resin families, supports customers' needs to design a wide variety of more sustainable products. The portfolio expansion includes new Cycoloy* PCR filled and unfilled flame-retardant (FR) resins, the first in a family of new open-loop Noryl* Classico PCR resins, and three new grades of Lexan* EXL resin. The expanded offering builds upon SABIC Innovative Plastics' award-winning Valox iQ* and Xenoy iQ* resins and Lexan* EXL 8414 resin.

"Expanding our post-consumer recycle activities is a priority for SABIC Innovative Plastics, and these resins are an important addition to our Sustainability Solutions portfolio," said Robert McKay, manager, Sustainability, SABIC Innovative Plastics'. "Overcoming the historical performance disadvantages of recycled raw materials has required new innovative approaches. We are proud not only to provide our customers with high-quality engineering thermoplastics with various levels of recycled content, but also to offer one of the most comprehensive high-performance recycle portfolios on the market."

New PCR-based Resins for Electronics
SABIC Innovative Plastics has strengthened its portfolio of materials incorporating PCR content. Following are the newest additions to the company's offering:

o Noryl Classico PCR resin: Expanding on a history of successful closed-loop recycle programs, the first grade in this open-loop family of modified polyphenylene ether (PPE) resins is Noryl PCR RN0401 resin, containing 20 percent recycled content and featuring a UL94 V0 rating at 2 mm and an estimated heat deflection temperature of up to 70C. It is an appropriate candidate for a variety of electronic housings, modems and power adaptors. Two additional grades of Noryl PCR Classico resin, with up to 40 percent PCR content, are also expected to be commercialized within the next six months.

o Cycoloy PCR resins: These polycarbonate/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (PC/ABS) resins contain 30 to 50 percent open-loop PCR polycarbonate from water bottles, CDs, and other sources and are appropriate for laptop and consumer electronics housings. Filled and unfilled FR grades are available, contributing to up to two Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) points for manufacturers listing their products to that standard. For example, Cycoloy RCM 6123 resin offers 30 percent PCR content, a UL94 V0 rating at 1.2 mm, and high stiffness of 4.3 gigapascals (GPa) for thin-wall enclosures. Up to six additional grades will soon be available, offering a variety of combinations of stiffness, flame rating and viscosity.

o Lexan and Lexan EXL PCR resins: There are now four grades of non-FR Lexan EXL PC resin with PCR content ranging from 10 to 80 percent. Three new grades - Lexan EXL 8134, Lexan EXL 8454 and Lexan EXL 8483 resins - join Lexan EXL 8414 resin, which was introduced at NPE 2009. All are based on SABIC Innovative Plastics' high-performance Lexan EXL technology, which offers superior impact, improved low temperature ductility, and enhanced processability compared to standard PC grades. The grades offer carbon footprint reductions, in terms of cradle-to-gate greenhouse gas emissions, ranging from 20 to 64 percent compared to traditional Lexan EXL 1414 resin and a lower carbon footprint than virgin, traditional PC and PC/ABS. Lexan EXL 8414 has been used in cell phones, most notably the MOTO(TM) W233 Renew. Additionally, there is one new grade of FR polycarbonate resin - Lexan R9453 resin - containing up to 30 percent PCR with a UL94 V0 rating at 1.1 mm. Lexan R9453 resin is flame retarded with non-brominated and non-chlorinated FR technology.

Additionally, SABIC Innovative Plastics continues to work with customers to implement custom-designed closed loop recycling projects where products are collected at end of life and disassembled. The resin is then recovered, and incorporated by SABIC Innovative Plastics back into the resin purchased by the customer to make a new version of the recycled product. Successful implementations include printer cartridges, end-of-lease business equipment, and recovery of customer's manufacturing, or post-industrial waste.

Sustainability Trailblazers: Valox iQ and Xenoy iQ Resins

SABIC Innovative Plastics' commitment to sustainability is epitomized by Valox iQ and Xenoy iQ resins, which utilize an advanced chemical process to up-cycle PET waste into engineering thermoplastics. The Valox iQ family - of nearly 15 polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)-based grades - together with Xenoy iQ PC/PBT resins, offer PCR content ranging from 12 to 60 percent by weight and a wide range of properties similar to materials currently used in connectors, computer cooling fans, food service utensils, power tool housings, consumer products, and automotive exteriors. Since being introduced in 2006, Valox iQ resin technology has won numerous awards.

For additional information on SABIC Innovative Plastics' Sustainability Solutions portfolio, please go to For technical product inquiries, please contact us at

SABIC is Exhibiting at K 2010 in Düsseldorf, Germany in Hall 6, Stand D42

For K 2010, SABIC's focus is A Culture of Innovation, which means investing in Growth, Technology, Sustainability and Customer Focus. We help our customers to innovate, differentiate their applications and optimize costs by:

o Investing in global expansion;
o Providing the broadest product portfolio that delivers better performance and adds value;
o Developing environmentally responsible products and solutions that provide significant and measurable performance advantages; and
o Working closely with our customers to build long-term, lasting relationships.

About SABIC Innovative Plastics
SABIC Innovative Plastics is a leading, global supplier of engineering thermoplastics with a 75-year history of breakthrough solutions that solve its customers' most pressing challenges. Today, SABIC Innovative Plastics is a multi-billion-dollar company with operations in more than 35 countries and approximately 9,000 employees worldwide. The company continues to lead the plastics industry with customer collaboration and continued investments in new polymer technologies, global application development, process technologies, and environmentally responsible solutions that serve diverse markets such as automotive, electronics, building & construction, transportation, and healthcare. The company's extensive product portfolio includes thermoplastic resins, coatings, specialty compounds, film, and sheet. SABIC Innovative Plastics ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), one of the world's top six petrochemicals manufacturers.

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