S1 Supports EPN STP 820 Remittance Standard

Leading Provider Of Cash Management Solutions Enhances ACH Module To Streamline B2B Payments

NEW YORK, Oct. 10 / S1 Corporation (NASDAQ:SONE), the leading provider of customer interaction software solutions for financial and payment services, announced today that the EPN STP 820 remittance information standard will be incorporated into its cash management solution, S1 Enterprise Corporate Banking.

The EPN STP 820, created in conjunction with financial institutions, software companies and businesses, facilitates straight-through-processing for business-to-business electronic payments. The standard enables corporate trading partners to transmit detailed remittance information with their electronic ACH payment and allows recipients to automatically record the transactions into their internal accounting systems. The EPN STP 820 standard is supported by NACHA and the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP).

"The inclusion of the EPN STP 820 into S1 Enterprise Corporate Banking is a significant product enhancement that will streamline workflow for financial institutions and further differentiate our ACH product," said Fred Dumas, General Manager of S1's Wholesale Banking Group. "S1's support for the EPN STP 820 advances our broader strategic objective of enabling straight-through-processing and electronic business-to-business payments."

S1 Enterprise Corporate Banking is a cash management platform that offers a multilingual, multi-currency, and multi-delivery channel for high-volume users. S1 Enterprise Corporate Banking delivers real-time data on account balances and transactions, as well as straight-through processing of payments from ACH to Fedwire to SWIFT.

"S1's adoption of the EPN STP 820 is another important milestone in creating an industry-wide remittance information standard that promotes straight-through-processing of business-to-business electronic payments by eliminating existing barriers," said Rossana Salaris, Senior Vice President of Electronic Payments Network, the ACH processing business of The Clearing House Payments Company. "S1 joins a growing number of cash management, accounting and middleware providers who have publicly declared their support for the EPN STP 820."

About EPN STP 820

EPN STP 820 was developed by the Electronic Payments Network (http://www.epaynetwork.com/). The EPN STP 820 specifies up to 10 required data elements, with two elements -- customer name and customer account number -- as mandatory. When invoices are being paid, there are eight additional fields such as invoice number, gross invoice amount, and amount paid to be included with the electronic payment for each invoice being paid.

About S1 Corporation

S1 Corporation is a leading provider of customer interaction software solutions for financial services and offers unique solution sets for specific market segments, including financial institutions, retailers, processors and telcos. S1 employs 1,300 people in operations in the North America, Europe and Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions. Worldwide, more than 3,000 customers use S1 software solutions for financial and payment services. S1 partners with best-in-class organizations to provide flexible and extensible software solutions for its customers. Through the establishment of strategic alliances with the world's leading companies, S1 is successfully accelerating the pace of innovation, implementation, and service delivery. The payments software solution, Postilion, was added to S1's software solutions when it acquired Mosaic Software in November 2004. Postilion drives payments, including advanced financial transactions such as prepay and self-service, through ATMs, POS terminals, phones, and Internet access points. Postilion provides consolidated management information, integrated card management, EMV chip enablement, and loyalty software solutions. Postilion reduces transaction processing costs, speeds time to market for new products and offerings, improves analysis of customer transactions and business opportunities, and increases profitability. Postilion is at the forefront of next-generation payments processing software -- More than 250 customers in over 50 countries use Postilion to provide leading-edge consumer transaction processing. For more information, please visit http://www.s1.com/.

About EPN and The Clearing House Payments Company

The Electronic Payments Network (http://www.epaynetwork.com/), a payments business of The Clearing House Payments Company, is the only national private-sector ACH operator in the United States. Its membership consists of more than 1,400 commercial banks, credit unions and savings banks. The Clearing House (http://www.theclearinghouse.org/) is a private-sector, global payment systems infrastructure that clears and settles more than 40 million payments for $1.6 trillion per day. The Clearing House manages payment services that span the entire spectrum of paper, paper-to-electronic and electronic payments.

Source: The Clearing House

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