Ruggedized Web Tablet is dust- and water-resistant.

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Portable, wireless, Windows® CE 3.0-based MobiPanel(TM) provides real-time solution to access information from remote databases via Internet/Intranet. Able to withstand 3 ft drops, unit is suited for harsh environments. Weighing less than 1.4 kg and measuring 11.6 x 9.3 x 1.1 in., unit includes 800 x 600 color TFT LCD display and built-in PCMCIA Wireless LAN card. It is powered by StrongARM® 206 MHz processor and includes 32 MB Flash, 64 MB SDRAM, and Java Virtual Machine.

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Advantech MobiPanel(TM) Brings a New Vision in Moble Computing

Advantech proudly announces its first ruggedized web tablet--the MobiPanel(TM), a portable wireless Windows® CE-based appliance combining data capture and communication technology. The MobiPanel(TM) is designed to provide mobile professionals a real time wireless solution to access information from remote databases via the Internet or an Intranet. The MobiPanel(TM) is ideal for applications in retail, healthcare, warehousing, home networking, manufacturing process control, hospitality, logistic support and on-site service.

Durable and Reliable Mobile Appliance
Designed for industrial strength, the ruggedized MobiPanel(TM) passes the compliance test for 3 feet free drop and IP53 environmental protection that enables this unit resistant to dust and water. It is an ideal client device to operate in harsh working situations.Based on the Windows® CE 3.0 operating system with Java Virtual Machine, the MobiPanel(TM) is a powerful and portable device that weighs less than 1.4 kg and is 11.6 inches by 9.3 inches by 1.1 inches. It has an 800 x 600 color TFT LCD display, a built-in PCMCIA Wireless LAN card. The MobiPanel(TM) lithium ion battery lasts for more than 6 hours, but can be extended with suspended operation function. Powered by Intel's StrongARM® 206 MHz processor, 32 MB Flash memory and 64 MB SDRAM memory, this embedded application device comes with bundled software to provide the best in out-of-box solutions.

Wireless Features
The wireless PCMCIA LAN adapter allows the user to connect to the network in a flexible range of environments. The LAN card is 802.11b specified which represents about 11 Mbps of wireless transmission, ideal for near broadband exchange. In addition to the standard Intranet connectivity, the wireless LAN can connect to thin-client servers, a newer option for client sided application operations.

Expansion and Connectivity
Input may come from an onscreen keyboard or programmable function hotkeys on the left-hand side of the unit. However, extra keyboard connectors are also available on the unit and the docking cradle. The MobilPanel(TM) also provides versatile I/O capabilities through its COM port, IrDA, USB and docking cradle. The COM port freely accepts RS-232, 422, 485 connectors. The rechargeable battery expands the mobility of the MobilPanel(TM). The docking cradle also allows you to recharge the battery and converts the mobile unit into a desktop workstation.

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